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 Fuyutama Chronicles

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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

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PostSubject: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:44 pm

"The Fuyutama Chronicles "

1 The Arrival
2 Movement in the bushes
3 An Explosive Development
4 Earth Released
5 Interrogation
6 Imprisonment
7 Kami's Discovery
8 Monk No More
9 Breaking Point
10 Return to the Lab
11 Kyoukokugakure
12 Cloud and Canyon
13 Fated Meeting
14 Of Invasions and Demons
15 Earth, Wind, and Darkness
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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

Posts : 586
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Join date : 2010-02-07

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:45 pm

The Arrival

Kami and Kazeyo arrive at Kunate Port in Tea county. Cool breaths kisses the morning air.

Kazeyo: (just under his breath) I thought Dega port would be bigger. I suppose we have to find logging regardless.
Kami: (Draws attention to a sign reading “Kunate Port”)
Kami: There is a taverns (Nodes head to tavern) maybe they can tell us where we are exactly.

After entering the tavern and specking to many locals we find out Dega port is a days travel north of here. A few minutes later the Bar keep in forms Kami and Kazeyo that if they do not plan on drinking then they need to move on. Outside the tavern Kazeyo begins to speak.

Kazeyo: So I guess we have a days walk north.
Kami: The days is still young we can begin are travels now?
Kazeyo: True, Lets go then.

We head out of Kunate heading north. Into a thin forest area
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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

Posts : 586
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Join date : 2010-02-07

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:46 pm

Movement in the bushes

Kazeyo and Kami walking through the woods around noon.

Kami: (quietly) We have a follower.
Kazeyo: (sigh) I’ve already noticed. It is just a scout, If we don't alert him to our knowledge of his presents, he probably wont make a move

Kami and Kazeyo continue half hearted bantering. Till the scout pulls back. Kazeyo mutters under his breath and stops walking.

Kami: What is it?
Kazeyo: They have us surrounded.
Kami: What are their numbers?
Kazeyo: It would seem that they are divided into three two-man teams.
Kami: Location?
Kazeyo: 1, 5 , and 9 o’clock

A seventh and more skilled mans appears and confronts Kami and Kazeyo.

Kazeyo: (mutters to Kami) Shinobi.
Mountain Jonin: As a Junín of the village hidden in the mountain. I’ll have to ask you to turn back.
(I didn't see any mountains around here during our arrival)
Kazeyo: Your reason of occupation here is of no matter to us.
Mountain Jonin: Occupancy? On second thought you need to relinquish your weapons and come in with me.

Mountain Jonin reaches for Kazeyo's katana when he switches to a defensive stance due to the quick palm thrust by Kami, that sends Mountain Jonin sliding back. Immediately after the attack, two kunai appear out of the trees aimed for Kami. In an instant Kazeyo moves his katana, sheath and all, into the line of the kunai. Both kunai become imbedded into his sheath. Mountain Jonin finishes his slide about 20 ft back by being caught by two Shinobi emerging from the trees.

Kazeyo: Are you still unwilling to let us...
Mountain Jonin: SHUT UP! My opponent is that man! (Points toward Kami). The rest of you don't let his friend interrupt!

A few shuriken are thrown to separate Kazeyo and Kami. After that the remaining 4 Shinobi in the trees emerge to join the others in surrounding Kazeyo. Kazeyo steps off the road and sits on a fallen tree. Two of the mountain Shinobi inquire Kazeyo’s behavior.

Mountain Shinobi 1: We can't have any fun if you don't try to help your friend.
Mountain Shinobi 2: Idiot! Don't encourage him.

But really don't you care that Sensei is about to kill him?

Kazeyo: Hmm...I'm actually worried about something else.
Mountain Shinobi 2: Like what?
Mountain Shinobi 1: Oh, your afraid that I'll kill you next? If you behave it wont be a problem.
Kazeyo: (scoff) More like that I hope that your Sensei isn't beaten up too badly. It would suck if he couldn't find employment because he had to start a fight.

Kami and Mountain Jonin stare off at each other on the path.

Mountain Jonin: simultaneously equips a kunai while using Shushin to charge Kami.

With a slight rotation on his left foot Kami attempts to move out of the way. Kami doesn't dodge blow completely and is stuck slightly on the right arm. Oddly the tip of the kunai breaks upon contacting Kami flesh, which has darkened in color. After seeing that Kami is attack has failed Mountain Jonin continues with a spin kick to midsection of Kami.To counter this jump over the kick, and with a feat of aerial skill places his hand on Mountain Jonin's head and flips over and behind him (They are back to back).Mountain Jonin dives forward and flips around to face Kami with about 15 ft separating them.

Mountain Jonin: (Ushi→Tatsu→Saru) Raiton: Naihatsu no Jutsu!

Mountain Jonin braces his right arm with his left as he forces his right palm forward emitting a lightning bolt toward Kami. Barely avoiding a fatal blow the bolt strikes Kami in the left shoulder gashing it open.

Mountain Shinobi 1: HA!! And you had the nerve to say Ganata-sensei (GS) would lose.

Kazeyo then proceeds to jab Mountain Shinobi 1 in the face with the end of his katana's handle.

Mountain Shinobi 2: Stupid, you deserved that.
Mountain Shinobi 1: Whatever.

Mountain Shinobi 1 walks a few feet away clutching his bloody nose.

Kazeyo: Hey! I wanted to get where we were going before too late. So, if you could speed this up I would appreciate it.
Ganata: Oh don't worry, I will.
Kazeyo: When I said “we” I wasn't referring to “me and you.”
Ganata: What!?

At that moment Kami hurtles his body towards Ganata.

Ganata: Raiton Naihatsu no Jutsu!

Avoiding the desperate strike by leaning back and rotating his right foot Kami maneuvers behind Ganata and strikes him with a now stone right forearm and hand in the back of the head. Continuing the enraged spin Kami stomps his spine with a stone leg creating a small crater where Ganata's mangled body now rests. Returning his body to its original state Kami drops to his knees removes two strands of beads from around his arm and begins to pray over his fallen enemies.

Kazeyo: Two strands? Your master seems to have earned Kami's respect.

All of the remaining shinobi begin to rush Kami only to find that Kazeyo now stands in between them and their target. Startled they halt their advance. Kami looks up in a concerned fashion.

Kazeyo: You can finish your prayer, I'll handle them.

Kami looks back down and continues.

The second in command (MsC) of the group steps forward about 10 ft from Kazeyo.

MsC: Do you think you can stop all six of us at once?
Kazeyo: I count three.
MsC: What!?

The three remaining shinobi (Mountain Shinobi 1, Mountain Shinobi 2, MsC) look back in horror to witness their three comrades laying gashed and dead behind them. Furthermore behind them is Kazeyo's katana still sheathed leaning on the log.

Mountain Shinobi 2: (frightened) When...did you?

MsC charges Kazeyo who blocks and avoids a series taijutsu and weapon throws unarmed. MsC takes a deep breath.

MsC: (Mi→Hitsuji→Saru→I→Uma→Tora) Katon: Gōkakyu no Jutsu

Just as the fireball is about be released Kazeyo jump spin kicks MsC in the chest disrupting the chakra flow of the attack, nullifying and sending him into a nearby tree. MsC lays against the tree coughing up blood. Kazeyo picks up his sword and begins to walk towards Kami, who is finishing his prayer.

Kazeyo: You probably have holes in your lungs from being interrupted during that fire breathing technique.
Mountain Shinobi 1: You think you can just us here!… Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Mountain Shinobi 2: How can you be so heartless as to leave us alive when you have taken everyone from us!?

Kazeyo then dislodges the shuriken still embedded on his sheath where they land dangerously close to both the remaining shinobi's feet.

Kazeyo: Your death wont solve anything here. Furthermore, I don't kill the injured or women. Your not cut out to be a warrior in this world, you should just quit and extend your life a bit longer.

Kazeyo and Kami continuing down the path just as MsC stops breathing, and Mountain Shinobi 1 and Mountain Shinobi 2 fall to their knees in terror.
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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:47 pm

An Explosive Development

Kazeyo and Kami's journey takes them along a cliffside by the sea as the sun sets.

Kami: It would be unfortunate to fall off this.

Kazeyo seemingly ignores him as he surveys the nearby treeline.

Kazeyo: Something is going on in there.

At that moment multiple moderate explosions occur in the forest.

Kami: We shouldn't be in the open like this.
Kazeyo: I agree, we should find some cover.

A few kunai launch past their heads

Kazeyo: Prepare yourself! They're not going to miss again.

Around a dozen more aimed at the two are fired at them.

Kazeyo: Fushou!
Kami: Ishigaki!

Kazeyo raises his palm toward the projectiles and deflects them with wind, while Kami raises a stone wall to shield himself. One final kunai is then thrown at Kazeyo. As he deflects it with wind...

Male Voice: Katon: Karyu Endan!
A jet of flame that burns the path toward Kazeyo then explodes when it contacts the wind chakra.
Kazeyo is sent into Kami's rock construction. Before he has a chance to regain his footing wires appear from the trees and bind Kazeyo to the rock wall.

Female Voice: Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu!

Kami is knocked back from the exploding force, and the rock wall along with Kazeyo collapse from the blow. As Kami pulls himself back up, the wires tighten around the unconscious Kazeyo and begin to drag him toward the forest.

Enraged by this sight, Kami draws his katana to cut the bonds when an exploding tag is thrown at him from his left.

Kami: Sekihashira!

A pillar of earth rises to absorb the majority of the explosion, while another tag approaches him from the right. He blocks once again with another pillar. At this point, four exploding tags are thrown from directly in front of him just as Kazeyo's body disappears into the trees. Unable to maneuver due to previous pillars that he summoned, Kami has no choice but summon another in front of himself. Unfortunately the combined force of 4 explosions decimates the defensive construction and leaves Kami hanging onto the edge of the cliff. In order to pull himself up he sheaths his katana just in time for the entire cliffside detonation to occur. As he plummets toward the violent surf below Kami attempts to use another pillar to prevent his fall only to render himself unconscious by smashing through it. His body then falls into the sea followed with many large boulders.

The surf crashes against the now reduced cliff as the sun finally sets.
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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

Posts : 586
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:48 pm

Earth Released

Kami jumps up from his slumber only to find himself in a shack that smells of sea salt. A beam light shines through the dusty cracks of the sun-stained walls. He has tightly wrapped bandages on his arms and chest. He slowly rises up in pain and looks around. He wanders into the next room where he finds a old lady sitting at a table looking at him. She finishes her sip of tea and looks up at him with clouded grey eyes.

Old lady: I see you have awaken.
Kami: Who are you old lady?
Old lady: It is common courtesy to give your name before asking another's.
Kami: I am Kami Fuyutama, I come from a land far from here. I traveled with a companion, but we got caught in a heavy battle. They captured him and I was blown off a cliff.
Old lady: (Annoyed at the amount of information) My name is Itsuko.
Kami: Itsuko, where about are we?
Itsuko: We are on a small island just south of the Heavenly shrine, between the Water and Sea Countries.
Kami: I must return to the Land of Tea I must find and save my comrade….Good bye Itsuko. (Begins to walk toward the door)
Itsuko: If your friend was taking in there, then you most likely be challenging Konoha shinobi.

Itsuko takes a short breath and bows her heads.

Itsuko: In your current state you will die an unnecessary death.
Kami: Do you call me weak old lady?
Itsuko: If you feel up to it feel free to leave, but entertain me with fight before you go.
Kami: I have no time for you. I need to locate my friend.
Itsuko: Two things, you owe me for your life, and are you scared of losing?
Kami: If you feel so strongly then I shall play your game old lady.

Itsuko heads behind the house and Kami follows right behind her. Behind the house Kami finds a already circular ring made of sand bags, targets hanging around the forest, and hay and wood dummies in combat formations.

Itsuko: The rules are simple 1) stay in the circle 2) 3 rounds best 2 out of 3 wins. If you win, you will be free of your debt to me.
Kami: Stay in the circle that’s the easiest thing ever.
Itsuko: If you think so lets get started.

Kami and Itsuko step in to the ring. Kami takes his battle stance.

Itsuko: Begin!

Kami charges at Itsuko as rocks rips out of the ground and collects around his hands an arms. Itsuko starts performing hand signs

Itsuko: (Tora) Tajū Mizu Bushin no Jutsu!

Itsuko replicates herself so many times that the clones fill the circle and push Kami out with little effort.

Itsuko: Round one goes to me Lord Fuyutama. I thought you said this was going to be easy.
Kami: What was that you just did… How did you make more of.. You? Also how did you know where I was do to your blindness?
Itsuko: Do you have no knowledge of the water clones? Also, young lord, I am not blind...quite the opposite.
Kami: What is a water clone and what is with the hand things you do before you used it?
Itsuko: Now I see you are from along way from here. Ninja use hand seals to mold chakra into our techniques. How is it you molded the chakra for that rock fist?
Kami: I was trained by my father, he trained us to mold chakra with our mind.
Itsuko: Using your mind would require a great deal of concentrations. Let alone cast and perform at a high rate of speed for combat. If you aloud me to teach you my skills with hand seals. Your speed could be… unthinkable.
Kami: You would like to train me in your techniques?
Itsuko: Yes, but first I must better understand your style. So lets begin round two, and show me the limits of your speed.

Itsuko takes a fighting stances and motions for Kami to attack. Kami slowly lowers his hand down to the handle of his katana. As Itsuko repeats the hand signs from before. Kami see a faint glow, nearly invisible, more like a shadow form around Itsuko's body. Clones begin to forming and coming after Kami. He strikes the first clone with a left hook, dispersing it into water. Simultaneously he destroys another clone which had attempted to latch on to his right leg by kicking into a tree. Immediately afterwords he defeats another with a punch to the chest. After a few more clones attack Kami, he realizes he has retreated to the edge of the circle. Itsuko takes notice of chakra around Kami’s feet. Earth rising up in the shape of hands and bind Kami’s feet to the ground. With two opens palms he slams them into the ground. He stays in this positions a few seconds while the clones halt their attacks and begin to dissipate. Earth like spikes rise up from the ground at the location of all the remaining clones destroying them all, in an instant. Itsuko escaping the spike aimed for her, lands on the edge of the ring. The spikes crumble and create dirt cloud. Kami bursts out of the debris with an entire arm and half of his chest covered in rock. Istuko jumps back to avoid the attack that which hits the ground in front of her.

Kami: You’ve stepped out Sensei.
Itsuko: Hmm… I see you have a fast and deadly style. I suppose I wont need to go easy on you in the third round.
Kami: I’m ready for anything you have old lady
Itsuko: Then let the third round begin now.

Itsuko immediately charges at Kami, flipping over his head and landing behind him.

Itsuko: Turn around, my student, class starts now.

Kami spins around as Itsuko makes another charge at him. He summons Ishigaki between them. Kami hears light strikes on the wall. After a moment the wall under its own weight.

Itsuko: Your wall is interesting, but it has to many weak spots.

Without delay she aims a strike at Kami who barely avoids the attack with only a graze. She drops to her hand's and unleashes a combo of kicks as Kami somersaults back to dodge. Kami opens his palm and points it toward Itsuko when a sudden and sharp pain in his shoulder leaves his right arm limp.

Itsuko: having problems doing your jutsu?

Kami places his left arm on the ground and small sharp spikes shot out of the ground at Itsuko. She slides into a stance and swings her leg around and greats a barrier of rotating chakra, which deflects the earth spikes. When the rotation ends Kami lunges at her. She lands three solid hits on him pushing him back. Kami tries to move again but can't.

Itsuko: I will now close 32 of your chakra points
Itsuko: Hakke Sanjūni Shō!

Itsuko begins by striking twice, then four times, eight...sixteen...finally ending with a speedy thirty-two strikes. Kami begins to black out, and he falls to his knees. He collapses over on himself just as his eyes go black.
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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:49 pm


Kazeyo wakes to a rush of icy water upon his face. He raises his head and opens his eyes into an intense light. His hands and feet are bound to a metal chair and he can't make out the faces of the people that populate the room. His head aches from blows he sustained during his battle with the shinobi, which is only amplified by the light directed toward him.

Kazeyo: (exhausted) I suppose this is an interrogation?

At that moment he is struck in the face by a monstrous mass that he concluded was a hand.

Female Voice: If you kill him before the Warmarshal gets to speak with him you'll get in trouble.

Male Voice: Oh yeah, sorry little dude.

Kazeyo spits out some blood onto the floor in front of himself.

Kazeyo: (straining) Your voices, you two are fire users who attacked us.

Female Voice: You really shouldn't be...

The sound of a heavy metal lock opening followed by the creaking sound of silences everyone in the room. While he can't see anything Kazeyo is able to hear the door slam and become locked once again. Heavy and disciplined approach him from behind the light.

Female Voice: Warmarshal, we waited for you to arrive to start questioning the criminal.

Warmashal: Good work Aya. Watosuke what was he carrying?

Watosuke: He uhh...had this sword.

Sound of Kazeyo's sword handed over to the Warmarshal and being unsheathed.

Warmarshal: Hmm...the craftsmanship on this blade is exquisite, did he have anything else?

Aya: Just a small amount of foreign coins that we weren't able to identify.

Warmarshal: I see.

Aya: I ordered them to be sent to Konoha for examination.

Warmarshal: Very good. So? (Directed at Kazeyo) What is your name boy?

Kazeyo: Why do you want to...

Kazeyo is struck again by Watosuke before he can complete sentence. He once again if forced to spit out a thick mass of blood, this time to the side.

Kazeyo: I was just curious, you didn't have to throw me to the dogs. I was planning on answering you anyway.

Watosuke: What did you call me!

The sound of hurried movement toward Kazeyo.

Warmarshal: Watosuke! (Calmly) Perhaps you should wait by the door. (Directed at Kazeyo) Sorry for that rude interuption, what is it you wanted to know? Oh yes, why we want to know your name. Allow me to explain to you the situaltion. Watosuke...the lights.

The intense light that was in Kazeyo's face is extinguished and pulled away by Aya, leaving the 4 of them in darkness for a second. The overhead lights illuminate the room as a dirty dungeon of a dwelling seemingly underground. As Kazeyo adjusts to the light he is able to finally get a clear view of his three captors. Watosuke, a giant of a man, stands by a door of equal proportion, while Aya, a woman of average build and height, returns to the side of the table between Kazeyo and the Warmarshal. In front of him sits the Warmarshal, and older man, who is easily recognizable from his extravagant outfit.

Warmarshall: Well, right now the Fire Country is currently expanding its military operations for...security purposes. It was due to the fact that you were recognized as a possible threat to national security that we had to take you into custody.

Kazeyo: It sounds more like you are attempting to extend the borders of your country and I was apprehended as a possible threat to expansion.

Warmarshal: Well, aren't you a smart boy? Whatever the reason that you were taken in, it is imperative that we know your name...right? I've now answered your question...now what is your name?

Kazeyo: Kazeyo Fuyutama

Warmarshal: Fuyutama...what an interesting name. What village do you work for?

Kazeyo: I don't, I arrived in the Land of Tea just recently on a merchant vessel.

Warmarshal: That is interesting, for I was told by my subordinates that you are well versed in Futon, yet you claim not to be a ninja.

Kazeyo: Elemental manipulation was something that our late clan leader taught us.

Warmarshal: That would be the Fuyutama Clan, correct?

Kazeyo: Yes it would.

Warmarshal: Intriguing.

The heavy iron door opens at this point to reveal a slender shinobi dressed in a dark garb.

Shinobi: Warmarshal Ganza, I apologize for the interruption, but an urgent matter that requires your immediate attention has come up.

Warmarshal: It seems our time has been cut short Kazeyo. We will not need to keep you here anymore. Watosuke.

Watosuke: Want me to take him to be executed?

Warmarshal: No, I received a report from the research division requesting more test subjects for the SRP. Arrange for his transport to research facility S7, I am also formally assigning you as the head of security for that location Watosuke. I will check up on your relocation by the end of the month.

Watosuke: Yes sir.

Kazeyo: So I'm set to become a test subject, how conservative of you, “Warmarshal.”

Aya shoots him a dirty look.

Aya: And my assignment Warmarshal?

Warmarshal: Oh yes, I would like you to check Konoha's central records for any information pertaining to the Fuyutama Clan.

Aya: My mission is to research this scum?

Kazeyo: -scoff-

Warmarshal: I'm just curious about him.

Aya: Very well sir.

The Warmarshal begins to exit.

Warmarshal: Two things Kazeyo...One, I've decided to keep your katana.

Kazeyo glares at the Warmarshal who is walks to the doorway, stops and turns back and looks directly at Kazeyo with a smirk.

Warmarshal: ...And two, I wish we hadn't have killed your comrade so I could have acquired another one.

Kazeyo desperately attempts to breaks his binds and free himself from the chair. The Warmarshal laughs and walks out of sight. Kazeyo continues to struggle until the medic who had entered the room injects something into his arm and he passes out.
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Takashi Onoda
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
Takashi Onoda

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyutama Chronicles   Fuyutama Chronicles I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 6:50 pm


Kazeyo awakens to a daze of pain, jumbled speech, and incoherent images. After a few moments he regains enough of his consciousness to find himself in a slightly claustrophobic jail cell with what appeared to be a dark skinned holy man.

Holy Man: Are you okay son? You hit your head pretty hard when they threw you in here.

Kazeyo: (Still dazed) Umm...I...think I'm okay. Uh...where are we, exactly?

Holy Man: Well I don't know explicitly, I frequently overhear the guards talking about securing the border to the River Country so I would expect that we are in the south west of Fire Country.

Kazeyo: I see, at this point I don't know where to go from here. Not that I could even get out.

Kazeyo rolls over away from the other inhabitant of the cell.

Holy Man: Don't be depressed, some thing you just can't change...uh...what did you say your name was?

Kazeyo: (annoyed) I didn't. (reluctantly) ...Kazeyo.

Holy Man: Nice to meet you Kazeyo, I'm Tenmei Juusha.

Kazeyo: ...It's a pleasure.

Tenmei: If you want to know before they pull you here you are welcome to ask me.

Kazeyo: What do you mean pull me out of here?

At that moment the old iron bars of the cell open and Kazeyo is grabbed by two men in white clothes, while a third watches Tenmei to prevent him from interfering. Tenmei just sits in the corner unaffected by the commotion that has just occurred in the room. The guards finally secure Kazeyo in shackles and escort him down the hall after locking Tenmei back in cell.

Kazeyo: (extremely quietly) I wonder what he meant by anything I wanted to know?

At that point Kazeyo remembers that he is in a research facility and that Tenmei probably could have provided him with some useful information for what is about to happen. Kazeyo is led into a large room with stone walls that featured an observational deck behind a layer of glass. On the opposite side of the room about 30ft away another man who with a similar amount of guards as him stood shackled. At this point a nurse from each side of the room approached the two prisoners both carrying a single syringe. After injecting Kazeyo and the other captive with whatever the syringe contained both men were released from their bonds as the guards vacated the room leaving the two prisoners locked within. Confused by the situation, Kazeyo turns back to speak with the other person in the room.

Kazeyo: I'm sorry but could you explain to me what is going on here?

Prisoner: Wow, I've lucked out.

Kazeyo: Excuse me?

Prisoner: I haven't ever gotten to fight a “freshy”.

Kazeyo: Fight? They must be testing some kind of performance enhancing drug on us.

Prisoner: AHHH!!!

The prisoner charges Kazeyo who extends his hand to use his wind palm. Just as he calls his attack, he is bewildered that it didn't activate and is struck by his combatant in the chest because of this. He falls back as the prisoner laughs.

Prisoner: Hahaha! You didn't know that you're on chakra suppressants? None of your jutsu will work here. Not that it matters against Ouju.

Kazeyo: (Thinking) I have been feeling weaker, but I had no idea that they could suppress my chakra completely. (Out loud) I suppose that I will just have to beat Ouju without anything fancy.

Ouju laughs again as Kazeyo stands back up and dusts himself off. Kazeyo motions for his opponent to try again which causes Ouju to charge. Ouju attempts the same punch as before, but this time Kazeyo sidesteps while simultaneously twisting his opponents fist with his palm. By doing so he is able to use the force of his would be attacker strike directly against him. Before Ouju has a chance to react Kazeyo delivers a swift kick to the chest of his opponent knocking him back a good 10ft. Ouju regains his footing a charges Kazeyo for the final time. This time Kazeyo responds by jumping up and spin kicking Ouju directly on the right side of his nose and face, successfully breaking the former as well as sending his opponent toppling over himself. With Ouju knocked out Kazeyo lowers his guard only to be tackled and subdued by the guards that brought him to the arena. Ouju is also dragged out of the arena as a sprinkler system activates to wash away any blood. After amoment a blood sample is taken from Kazeyo and the guards walk him back to his cell they remark about his victory.

Guard 1: He beat Ouju during his first fight, that has never happened before.

Guard 2: But it would seem that he didn't activate the state that the researchers were hoping for.

Kazeyo: State, what state?

Guard 1: (Ignoring) Yeah, but after that performance he is going to be in the first SRP test group.

Kazeyo: What is the SPR?

Guard 2: (Also Ignoring) Those men don't last too long, it's a shame, he would have been fun to keep watching in particular.

Kazeyo: You know, you two are really...

Kazeyo is violently thrown back in his cell before he can finish his statement. He walks over near a wall to lean against as the gate slams and clicks shut behind him.

Tenmei: Are you alright?

Kazeyo: Yeah, why?

Tenmei: Who did they make you fight?

Kazeyo: Um...what's his name...Ouju or something.

Tenmei: Ouju, are you sure your okay?

Kazeyo: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Tenmei: I overheard that he kills almost everyone he fights.

Kazeyo: He was strong, but he wasn't going to kill me with that level of technique. I have a question though.

Tenmei: What is that?

Kazeyo: What is this talk about chakra suppressants?

Tenmei: Oh...everyday they give us a pill that prevents us from accessing a majority of our chakra.

Kazeyo: That's inconceivable!

Tenmei: Everyone that comes into here thinks that until they attempt use their ninjutsu in the first match.

Kazeyo: One more question, if it isn't a problem.

Tenmei: Not at all, what would you like to know?

Kazeyo: What is the SRP?

Tenmei: Well it stands for Sharingan Revival Project.

Kazeyo: What is this Sharingan that they are trying to revive and how does it involve injecting us with those syringes.

Tenmei: Well, the Sharingan is a centuries old doujutsu that gives the user many profound abilities.

Kazeyo: Like what?

Tenmei: While Konoha has attempted to keep the abilities of the Sharingan secret, it is rumored to grant the user visual perception of chakra and insight into performance of the three technique types.

Kazeyo: Hmm...I can see why that would be seen as a powerful tool, I'm guessing that it runs within a bloodline.

Tenmei: Exactly, unfortunately the clan that possessed it, Uchiha, relocated to Yamagakure some time ago.

Kazeyo: So Konoha lost one of its greatest weapons.

Tenmei: Correct, and ever since they have been trying to reclaim it, thus the current situation.

Kazeyo: I suppose that these experiments are dangerous, otherwise they wouldn't be performing them on prisoners.

Tenmei: This is true, many have died as a result.

Kazeyo: Why is it you know so much of everything that has been going on here?

Tenmei: Haha, you don't have to worry...I'm not a spy. I've actually been locked up here for over a year now since I was captured when I came to the Fire Country on a diplomatic mission.

Kazeyo: You've survived experimentation for that long?

Tenmei: On the contrary, since I came on a peace mission they haven't experimented on me at all, that way Konoha can report that I am not being mistreated and further prevents me from attempting an escape.

Tenmei and Kazeyo continue for speaking about a multitude of this for some time until Kazeyo poses a question.

Kazeyo: What country did you arrive here from?

Tenmei: The lightning country, why do you ask?

Kazeyo: Well, I was captured due to the Konoha ninja being well versed in fire manipulation.

Tenmei: I'm afraid I don't follow. You wanted to know where I'm from because Fire Country shinobi use Katon.

Kazeyo: Well, I can only use wind techniques, which puts me a disadvantage against Konoha if I ever want to escape.

Tenmei: I see, so you were hoping that I could teach you a different kind of elemental manipulation?

Kazeyo: Precisely, if it isn't too much trouble.

Tenmei: Well I try to maintain a nonviolent lifestyle, but I was taught Raiton as a child.

Kazeyo: If you wouldn't mind, could you teach me how to manipulate lightning?

Tenmei: It will be difficult under the chakra suppressants, but I can attempt to show you the method.

Tenmei proceeds to teach Kazeyo about the formal chakra manipulation of the ninja world including the use of hand seals and the terminology used by shinobi. After explaining the basics, Tenmei tells Kazeyo about the nature of lightning and that the monkey hand seal is commonly used to focus lightning chakra.

Tenmei: I suppose I could attempt a quick demonstration.

Kazeyo: That would probably be helpful.

Tenmei: Alright after putting your hands into the Saru position concentrate large amount of chakra into a small area.

Kazeyo: Large amount of chakra, very compact.

Tenmei puts his hands into the monkey seal and sits still for a few seconds. After a few moments he slowly moves his hands apart to reveal a small crackling bolt between his palms.

Tenmei: And that is how it is done. If you have the ability to use Raiton that is the way to bring it out. You will have to practice at it though.

Kazeyo: Hmm...(Puts his hands into the monkey seal)

Tenmei: Good luck.
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Kami's Discovery

Two weeks have passed and Kami has been training diligently with Itsuko. It’s a sunny cool day in the mid-afternoon. Kami, in his new outfit, is striking a training dummy with quick fluid motions utilizing open palms and bone crushing rock solid fists. Ever so often he delivers an earth shaking kick. Itsuko comes running from under the side of the house yelling to Kami.

Itsuko: A SCOUT! (stabbing her finger into the air towards the woods)

Kami spins his head around as he catches a glimpse of a figure shrouded in shadow leaping deeper into the forest.

Itsuko: You must kill him Kami.
Kami: What is the reason for that?
Itsuko: He is from the water country, where I am wanted for a murder that I could not have committed. If he gets back to the water country, he will inform the other ANBU of my location and they will kill us all.
Kami: (half- hearted belief) I will get right on that master

Kami dashes into the woods where the ANBU was seen. He stains his eyes trying to focus deeper into the woods. When suddenly he perceived the anbu shinobi in the distance, in the tree tops jumping limb to limb. Kami kicks up his speed and proceeds to hunt the shinobi from the forest ground. Kami hurls a combination of kunai and shurikens at the shinobi. Nearly dodging, the shinobi jumps to the forest floor. Only to impale his leg on a previously positioned earth spike. Kami slowly approaches him.

Kami: What is your interest with my master?
Water Shinobi: (in pain) I was told to search of ex-water kunoichi, that defected over a decade ago.

As Kami draws in closer he riddles Kami’s body with shurikens --- Reverts to water---.

Water Shinobi: Water clone!? There is no water around here.

Kami walks out from behind a tree just a few feet from him.

Kami: Did you believe I would be foolish enough to catch after you myself.
Water Shinobi: What do… do you mean (says with andmens pain in his voice)
Kami: When Itsuko turned me on to your presence. I formed a water clone to catch after you, and I followed from a safe distance. I had my clone throw the kunai and shuriken and as you fell I prejudged and read your movements. So the moment you knew the spot where you was going to land I knew as well and I simple placed a earth spike at that location. I think the rest you can figure out on your own.
Water Shinobi: Your eyes…why do you have the Byakugan!
Kami: Byakugan? I’ve never heard of such a thing.
Water Shinobi: Hahaha you are quite informed I see. Ask your master.
Kami: What is it you want….

Kami is interrupted by the nearly unconscious shinobi revealing a mass of exploiting tags beneath his sleeve. In a fraction of a second shinobi detonates the tags. Kami is lunched back slamming into a tree just a few feet back. Laying on the ground mangled and broken. A shadowy character falls from the tree tops, obliterating Kami’s body.

Shadowy figure: That could have really hurt

As Kami’s body turns to water revealing Kami standing on his own clone. Kami heads back to the house. As he walks through the door Itsuko questions him.

Itsuko: Did you take care of it?
Kami: The deed is done (showing a lack of confident in his tone)
Itsuko: He wasn’t to much trouble for you, was he?
Kami: No, but he did bring up something that puzzles me.
Itsuko: What!? (takes a defensive tone)
Kami: First off, he said you had defected. You informed me you were framed for murder.
Itsuko: Umm…uh.. Of corse I defected, I was going to be put to death. I had no chose but to leave.
Kami: Oh one more thing. (lifts his head and stares right in to her eyes) He said something about a Byakugan and my eyes?

She notices a great difference in his eyes from just two weeks ago and white haze covers them. He appears to be almost blind.

Itsuko: How did you!… I thought your surname was Fuyutama!
Kami: I am Fuyutama, what does that have to do with my eyes and this Byakugan?
Itsuko: You have no idea, do you boy? Did you just think you could see farther and read movements better in just this short time?
Kami: What are you talking about?
Itsuko: Take a look in here.

Kami looking in to a mirror that she holds up and sees his eye for the first time since he started training with Itsuko.

Kami: What is this! My eyes are like yours!

Itsuko: Take a seat and I'll tell you about the Byakugan.
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Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
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Monk No More

Kami and Itsuko are sitting at the small table in the dining area drinking tea as the sun rises. Itsuko finishes explaining the Byakugan to Kami.

Itsuko: I think that is about all I can tell you.
Kami: Ah, (Kami seems overwhelmed with the mass of information) so you are from the Hyuuga clan?
Itsuko: That is correct.

Itsuko stand up from the table and walks over to the window gazing out at the sun rising over the ocean.

Itsuko: A sunrise is truly beautiful when seen from the beach, I wish I could stay in this moment just a little longer.
Kami: Master?
Itsuko: (Still looking away from Kami) I have something I need to ask of you?
Kami: Yes?
Itsuko: I would like you to pay my debt to the two shrines on the neighboring islands. (She hands him two satchels) The small one is for the shrine on Nagi Island.
Kami: Sure, do you have a boat to get to the other islands?
Itsuko: Oh, I never taught you how to walk on water...well it is just like walking up walls and trees just don't make the chakra on your feet too dense or you will fall through.
Kami: Ok, I'll be back before you know it.
Itsuko: One more thing.
Kami: What's that?

Itsuko whistles sharply which causes a great deal of confusion for Kami as he stares back at her. After a few moments a large wolf comes bounding in the door. The wolf dashes over to Itsuko and sits next to her.

Kami: What's with the beast?
Itsuko: Seijuu will take you to the shrines.
Kami: How will he get across the water?
Itsuko: Just don't fall behind.
Kami: Alright...
Itsuko: Take care. Also, try not to rush.

Kami walks down the beach toward the water. He begins to focus chakra on his feet by using the ram seal. He steps out the water and makes it four steps when his right foot falls through the surface. As he is trying to pull his foot out of the water Seijuu walks past him on the surface of the water. Not to be shown up Kami adjusts the chakra in his right foot and continues across the surf.

After some time, Kami and Seijuu arrive on the beach of Nagi Island. Immediately the wolf takes of with great velocity into the forest. Kami follows him by leaping over logs and rocks alike. After many miles of similar scenery, the trees become less crowded and the wolf leads him to a path, which they begin to follow. Eventually, both Seijuu and Kami arrive a modest shrine. They walk up to the alter and place the small satchel before it. Kami kneels before the shrine and begins to speak a prayer. Seijuu wanders over to a tree and lays in its shade.

Kami finishes his prayer and looks over at the wolf. Seijuu rises at the sight of this and bursts off down the path East of the shrine. Kami sighs and reluctantly chases after him.

After some time Kami arrives at what would seem to be the other shrine. Unlike like the first, this shrine is surrounded by an elaborate monastery. As Kami approaches the front gate a formally clad monk appears to great him.

Gate Monk: Good afternoon sir, what brings you to the shrine?
Kami: I need to make an offering on behalf of my master.
Gate Monk: Well we don't allow weapons in here, but you are welcome to leave such items at the door.
Kami: Very well, but take special care of these.

Kami sets both the katana and giant shuriken against the wall behind the monk

Gate Monk: I will do so sir, and you can't bring that beast in here either.

Kami removes the Fuma Shuriken from his back by using a leather strap. He also carefully hands over his katana. Seijuu moves away from the gate and lays down by a tree once again. After the monk sets the weapons behind the wall, he leads Kami inside the monastery and walks in to large room that is decorated with many religious ornaments. An older monk rises from a kneeling position before an altar and walks over to Kami. The monk that walked him to the shrine returns to watch the gate.

Old Monk: I am the head monk Hensei, what brings you to our humble home young man?
Kami: I came here today to pay a debt.
Hensei: I believe we can take care of that, but we are about to have supper.
Kami: I see.
Hensei: You are welcome to join us, you must be tired from traveling.
Kami: Why is that?
Hensei: Well, this is the only establishment on the entire island.

Hensei leads Kami out of the the shrine room over to the eating quarters. They are seated across from each other on small mats. After a few moments both Kami and Hensei are served tea.

Kami: So, what kind of monastery is this?
Hensei: I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.
Kami: Well, do you practice martial arts or do you strictly follow a nonviolent conduct?
Hensei: While we don't condone the use of violence, the monks here do practice different styles of combat.
Kami: (Peaking his interest) I would really like to see that.
Hensei: Unfortunately, the monks have completed their exercises for the day. The next time you would be able to witness them would be tomorrow morning. If you wanted, you could spend the the night here.
Kami: Uh, but I... (Remember that Itsuku told him not to rush) ...I suppose that I could delay my return until tomorrow.

Kami and the rest of the monks finish their meal in near silence. Another monk leads Kami to his sleeping quarters. After some time of self reflection, Kami finally falls asleep upon the cold bed mat. The sun begins to rise, as a beam of light strikes comes eye the gong rings three sharp blast. Kami rolls over and wonders where Kazeyo is. He prays he is ok and staying out of trouble. Hensei knocks and enters.

Hensei: Morning Kami, the monks are just finishing their prays and training is about to begin. If you would like to follow me.

Kami stands up and follows Hensei, they enter the quart yard. Kami sees the monks training. In unison the monks leap into the air rotation at their peak. Extending their lead leg and bowing the following leg. Bring open palms close to there chest as they land. They kick their lead foot towards their back, dropping all the weight on the rear leg. Following that they lean forward shifting weight to the lead foot as the thrust their right elbow forward. Bringing their right elbow back in, an immediately thrust their right fist forward. They follow up with a blasting combo of fist. Kami and Hensei continue walking to another quart yard. Where Kami see a group of shirtless monks standing over 3 foot clay pot filled with water. As the monks place their hands together and bow their heads. They unleash a furies barrage of open palm to the top of the water. Beside them are a group of monks with their legs spread past shoulder width apart. Arms extended outward to there sides palms facing up. Centered between their legs is a light candle, in each hand is a wooden bowl filled with four to fire medium sized rocks, on their head they have balanced another wooden bawl filled with rocks.

Kami: This is an amazing set up you have here Hensei. But I must now pay the debt of my master, and be on my way.
Hensei: Indeed you shall. If I may ask what is the name of your master who owes this debt?
Kami: Itsuko, she lives just of the coast on a small island.
Hensei: Itsuko? I do not know this name. She owes no debt here or with us.
Kami: What? She told me to come to both shrines here and pay he debts. She gave me her wolf and told me to take my time….

Kami has flash backs in his head of the day before. Itsuko says A sunrise is truly beautiful when seen from the beach, I wish I could stay in this moment just a little longer…: Seijuu will take you to the shrines…Take care. Also, try not to rush.

Kami: NO!!! She planned this from the start. She knew something… someone was coming for her. She foreseen her death.
Hensei: Sir, what is it you are talking about
Kami: I am sorry but I must depart now.

Kami burst off using large leaps over the training monks as not to disrupt them. Rushing down the halls shifting plants and photos with his force. Dives through an open window landing in the main street of the monastery. With great speed he flies toward the front gate, a sharp scratching whistle pierces the quite air. Seijuu smashes through a window and joins Kami’s side. As they begin to pass through the gate. The monk guarding the gate yells at Kami as he looks back the monk hurls the katana towards Kami. Upon catching it the guard attempts to throw the giant shuriken but he has no luck in picking it up. Just a few hundred yard outside the gate, green serpentine chakra starts forming from Kami’s heels and wraps up his legs. The monks who are balancing the wooding bowl suddenly simultaneously have them knocked from their heads by a shockwave of chakra followed by a bone chilling thundering boom. Kami’s speed maximizes as though there is no limitations on his body. In no time at all Kami and Seijuu exit the forest onto the beach in which they arrived on, and begin crossing the ocean. Leaving a trail with a rooster tail affect. On approach to Itsuko house Kami see smoke. When arriving he fines that the house is a smoldering pile of debris. Itsuko laying cold and life less on the ground. Around her in a circular pattern are eight water shinobi bodies. Kami runs over to her body and release a blood curling, bone chilling roar. He hears two small thuds by the house, as Kami slowly rotates head and dead locks his eye to the two shinobi standing on what is left of the house. They bond off as the rest of the ruble crumbles. Lead in front of Kami. As Kami rises to his feet with his head down.

Lead Shinobi: Our intel told us nothing of this guy.
Second Shinobi: It matters not he will fall like its worthless master.
Kami: (With his head still down) Your responsible for this? Who are you?
Lead Shinobi: I am Juuka and this is Masaki, but don’t worry to much we will send you to hell to meet her.
Kami: Do you think paltry two of you can service me! (voice grubbily increase in volume, Snaps head up in anger)
Juuka: I see you rush your dead arrogant boy!

As Juuka unsheathes a naginata from his back and Masaki performs hand seals


Juuka jumps back a few feet as twenty or so water shinobi appear surrounding Kami with weapons drawn. Kami does a single hand seal and activates his Byakugan. A few shinobi charge Kami and he dodges with little effort. As he does so he sees something odd, something not of the nom. Just one, only one of the shinobi has a chakra pulse.

Kami: Why is it that only one of you admits a shockwave of charka with every heart beat. This only suggest that the others are not truly here.

Masaki’s face become worried and fearful

Juuka: Masaki don’t drop your guard.

Just as Kami seemingly disappears and is standing just feet from Masaki. When Masaki is sent hurdle back by a fist in his chest from Kami. All most simultaneously Juuka falls from the sky above Kami with his naginata ready to skewer him. When Seijuu tackle him in midair sending him tumbling across the ground as Seijuu takes back off into the shadows of the woods. Kami grabs onto Masaki ankle just before he flies out of range. He pulls him back as he rotates Masaki body and delivers a swift but solid kick to his head. Then Kami walks over to where he is laying on the ground. Picks him up by his back and drives three knees to his chest. Then throwing him into the air Kami unsheathes his katana and with a swift and majestic vertical slash cuts throw Masaki with not tamper in speed. As he sheaths his sword a small group of large tree tops crash to the ground. Juuka yells out.

Juuka: You… your are some kind of demon.
Kami: I’ll so you a true demon. When I send you heartless soul to hell.

Juuka charges his fist extending turning in to a shark made of water hit Kami in the chest. Lowering his guard thinking he has Kami trapped in his Samekendan no Jutsu. A Sekihashira come out of the side of a tree just beside Juuka. Juuka is projected sideway only to be stop by a black katana sheath to the throat. Kami processed to implant his foreleg into Juuka abdomens. Which would have caused him to fly back if Kami did not have a hold of his head. Juuka grabs on to Kami’s arm and using only his arm strength propels himself over Kami and lands a kick to his back. Kami sliding only a few feet forward, spins around to catch a fist inches from his head. Juuka attempts a combo of knees and kicks but is all blocked. Then Kami’s opposite hand becomes in cased in stones. He drives a uppercut to Juuka’s trapped arm all but severing it. Juuka stumbles back and yells in pain as he trust his naginata forward with his remaining arm. In which Kami blocks with his katana and in a fluid motion cuts Juuka’s other hand off. Causing the naginata to fall to the ground. Juuka drops to his knees and crimps over. Just as a smaller Sekihashira accents from the ground flipping him to his back. The Sekihashira corves around a plummets to the ground pining Juuka’s remain shoulder to the ground. Kami walks slowly over to his body

Kami: This is the part you beg for your life… and I choose to kill you!
Juuka: I…Will not run from my fait. Come at you!
Kami: Honorable even in death

The Stone pillar begins to dig deeper into the earth. Juuka screams in pain till the pillar drags him beneath the surface. Kami and Seijuu walk over to Itsuko dead body. Where Kami prays as he buries her body leaving all his prayer beads with her under the earth. Kami looks at Seijuu.

Kami: With our master buried you are more then welcome to join me. If you so wish?

Seijuu walks over beside Kami as to acknowledge his offer. Kami says out loud to himself

Kami: I am burying my master and my monk ways here. I take my new knowledge and companion and begin my search for my cousin.
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Breaking Point

A few weeks have past since Kazeyo was forced to become a test subject. In the meantime he has gotten to know Tenmei as they both trade stories of their past. During this time Kazeyo has been practicing lightning manipulation secretly from the guards.

Tenmei: You came from across the Eastern Sea, so that would explain your lack of knowledge that we ninja take for granted.

Kazeyo: Indeed. (pauses as he continues the monkey hand seal) Your entire culture has everything named and categorized when it comes to chakra.

Tenmei: You know, you may not have the talent to perform Raiton.

Kazeyo: (Sigh) I can feel my chakra, the suppressants are preventing me from utilizing it.

Tenmei: You wont be able to use it in battle if you can't materialize it.

Kazeyo: (Annoyed) Do you think?

Tenmei: Haha, don't take it so seriously. But really...(something draws his attention) I think the guard is coming you better quit for now.

Kazeyo: Just a few more seconds I think I got it.

The sound of footsteps are heard upon the cold stone floor.

Tenmei: (Worried tone) You can practice later, if you get caught we both will get in trouble.

Kazeyo: Shh! Just a...I almost got it.

Tenmei: This really isn't the time.

A small crackle of electricity forms in between Kazeyo's hands.

Tenmei: Nice, now stop!

Kazeyo: Okay...

Just as he stops a guards appears from around the corner and slides two plates of food through a gap in the bars. Both Kazeyo and Tenmei thank him, but he just gives them a dirty look and walks away. They both continue to talk as they consume their food.

Kazeyo: I finally did it.

Tenmei: I didn't actually think that you were going to get it.

Kazeyo: (Sarcastically) Thanks. (Serious tone) But really, I appreciate it.

Kazeyo and Tenmei to continue to eat.

Kazeyo: So, you said that you were taught lightning when you were a kid.

Tenmei: Yes, it was part of the curriculum.

Kazeyo: Curriculum...curriculum where?

Tenmei: The Ninja Academy.

Kazeyo: (Puzzled Look) There are Ninja Academies?

Tenmei: Of course, where have you been? Oh, that's right.

Kazeyo: You know what, that isn't funny.

Tenmei: It is a little funny.

Kazeyo: So...do they have these academies all around the place.

Tenmei: Not exactly, each village that has an army built around ninja usually have an academy located in the same place.

Kazeyo: That makes sense, where is it that that you attended?

Tenmei: I am and will always a be a shinobi of Kumo.

Kazeyo: The Cloud, you must hate being so far from home.

Tenmei: It is true that I miss it there.

Kazeyo: So I'm guessing that they sent you here on that mission.

Tenmei: Actually I'm the one that proposed coming here for diplomatic reasons.

Kazeyo: Oh, well regardless of that I'm sure you want to get out of here and return.

Tenmei: I do, but I once swore an oath of nonviolence...not even these vile enemies could get me to fight them. I may very well die in this place.

Kazeyo: Don't say things like that we just have to be patient. Why is it you can't fight, are you a medic?

Tenmei: Actually, I was planning on becoming one in my younger years. I wanted to help people with my skills, not kill them.

Kazeyo: What happened?

Tenmei: After a year of being a medic I discovered that I was only fixing people after they had been injured. I was healing the people, but the Ninja World was only going to continue to destroy itself. I wanted to prevent problems and pain before they occurred.

Kazeyo: So what did you do?

Tenmei: I...(Looks down at the nearly empty plate) I think they gave us more food than usual tonight.

Kazeyo: (Going along with the change of Topic) That is a bit odd. I would say that we lucked out, but I'm thinking that something is going on.

Some laughing is heard from the guards around the corner followed by the sound of multiple people coming in the direction of Kazeyo and Tenmei. The gate swings open and a few guards grab Kazeyo as another makes sure that Tenmei doesn't interfere.

Tenmei: Where are you taking him!?

Gate Guard: He is needed for more tests, the doctors synthesized a genetic extract from the Uchiha that succeeded in granting Ouju the Sharingan earlier this morning. He has been going through competitors like a madman, and now it is his turn to die Tenmei.

Tenmei: You can't just...

Kazeyo: Tenmei, it's okay.

Tenmei: But...

Kazeyo: Don't worry, even with the Sharingan Ouju isn't going to be able to kill me. I'll see you in a bit Tenmei.

The guards handcuff Kazeyo and escort him down the hall and out of site.

Tenmei: (Quietly) Be careful, you can't be reckless against the Sharingan.

As the guards walk Kazeyo toward the arena he suddenly feel a weight in the air. Ouju's chakra was somehow darker and colder. Kazeyo wonders if this is the power of the Sharingan that he had been warned about. He is brought into the arena across from Ouju you stares at him with what Kazeyo identifies as two extra pupils. He is once again injected with a syringe by a nurse before he is unshackled and the guards lock him into room with Ouju.

Ouju: You wont beat me this time.

Kazeyo: Just because you have some special eyes?

Ouju: Shut up, my new eyes will be the death of you!

Kazeyo: If you say so.

Ouju yells out violently and charges Kazeyo. He enters the fight with what first appears to be a straight punch from the front. Kazeyo catches this punch with his left hand and begins to twist it. Before he can put Ouju in a painful position, Ouju flips his body into the are in order to relieve the tension on his arm and aims a powerful kick toward Kazeyo's head. Barely able to block the vicious attack with his right arm, Kazeyo is sent sliding back a few feet.

Ouju: How ja like that?

Kazeyo: Hmm...so your reaction time is better, do you think that will be enough?

Ouju rushes in again deliver a flurry of punches at Kazeyo, who must back up in order to block them all.

Ouju: There's more where that came from.

Ouju performs a jump kick at Kazeyo. Kazeyo attempts to block with both arms, but the force of the kick is too much and he is knocked to his back. Ouju laughs at his apparent superiority as Kazeyo rolls back and stands back up near a wall. Before a moment is passed Ouju disappears from sight appearing above Kazeyo and attempts a front flip ending in a kick. Kazeyo dodges the attack, but Ouju quickly rebounds off the wall and delivers a kick to the back of Kazeyo's head. Kazeyo is thrown forward, but before he can hit the ground he catches himself solely on his hands and vaults his body toward Ouju. Kazeyo rotates himself around delivers two kicks to the head of Ouju that send him sprawling across the floor.

Voice over speaker: Looks like you are having a little trouble with him, boy.

Kazeyo looks in the direction of the observation deck and views Warmarshal Ganza starring back at him through the glass.

Researcher: Warmarshal, we try not to provoke the test subjects during an experiment.

Warmarshal: I could care less about what you try to do, just record the necessary information.

Researcher: Very well sir.

Warmarshal: (Over loudspeaker) Long time, no see Kazeyo. I see you are still alive.

Kazeyo looks down toward the ground in an attempt to bottle his rage. Ouju stands back up without Kazeyo noticing.

Warmarshal: How rude, you can't even respond...boy?

Ouju: Pay attention to you opponent!

Ouju jumps at Kazeyo with great vigor.

– –

Aya is looking in the books in what appears to be a large library. She comes to an old text labeled Fuyutama. While reading she suddenly appears to be quite frightened and rushes from the library.

– –

Researcher: There was just a enormous spike of chakra in the arena just now.

Warmarshal: Some things are easier to understand without the gadgets.

The researcher looks up into the arena to see Kazeyo with his head down holding what seems to be a sword constructed out of concentrated chakra out to his side. Near Kazeyo's feat lays Ouju missing a significant portion of his chest. Kazeyo slowly looks up revealing red eyes containing nine sharp slits around his pupil.

Warmarshal: Is that the Sharingan?

Researcher: It looks similar, but it seems to have some major differences. The Sharingan generally has two to three tomoe with a noticeably unique shape. The eyes on that subject are quite different than that of the Sharingan.

Warmarshal: Why isn't he on chakra suppressants?

Researcher: He was suppose to...

Kazeyo: Kaze no Tsurugi!

The sound of the glass being struck by blades of wind from the chakra sword in Kazeyo's hand startle the people in the observation room. After seeing that his attacks aren't working, Kazeyo dematerializes his sword and stares intently at the Warmarshal.

Warmarshal: Well, this was interesting. Keep me updated on the results of the project. (Begins to walk away from the glass)

Researcher: Yes sir. (Looks back at the arena) Huh, where did he go?

Cold Voice: Where are you going?

At this point Kazeyo unrealistically materializes on top of the research devices forming himself in course of a second with a combination of bending light and static. The Warmarshal stops right before the door and stops. He slowly turns around.

Warmarshal: I'm leaving because I'm done observing your development.

Kazeyo: Fuma no Tsume!

Kazeyo thrusts his hand forward in the shape of a claw toward the Warmarshal. Kazeyo's katana that had been previously strapped to the Warmarshal's side unsheathes itself and flies into Kazeyo's hand, who immediately slashes the researcher directly next to him. The researcher collapses from the horrendous wound that was inflicted upon him as Kazeyo steps over his corpse onto the ground about 15ft from the Warmarshal. The three remaining researchers in the observation room flee for there lives. The Warmarshal sneers as he removes the empty sheath from his belt and discards it to his side.

Warmarshal: I suppose I wont be needing that anymore.

Kazeyo: …

Warmarshal: I get it, this is the part where we fight.

Kazeyo: (Calmly) Die.

Kazeyo raises his katana above his with one hand as a large amount of wind begins to circle around him. The wind localizes around the blade of his katana. The Warmarshal, who first expresses surprise at the incredible mass of chakra that Kazeyo had collected, laughs loudly.

Warmarshal: Come on! Show me what that technique can do.

Kazeyo: Tentai Taifuu!

Warmarshal: Mazoku Metsusetsu!

Kazeyo swings his chakra encased sword horizontally releasing a wave of destruction before him. Before the attack reaches him equally powerful blast of black chakra erupts in a dome shape around the Warmarshal which expands outward. A huge explosion destroying the floor they occupy and all the floors above them.

– –

Watosuke jumps up from his desk in the security room.

Watosuke: What was that? Sounded like it came from the arena floor. The Warmarshal!

Watosuke straps his ningato to his back and rushes from his office.

– –

Tenmei: What could have done that!? Also, what is this oppressive chakra. I have to free myself from here before Kazeyo gets hurt.

Tenmei pulls a key from within his sleeve and unlocks the gate of his dominion. A guard hearing this runs to investigate.

Guard: Hey you!

Tenmei: (Hitsuji-->Mi-->Tora) Tengen: Kyou no Kantei

The guard ceases all movement as Tenmei hurries past him.

– –

Kazeyo and Warmarshal Ganza stand facing each other in the ruins of the lab. While the Warmarshal is standing in a shallow crater about 20 ft in diameter, everything before Kazeyo extending 100ft beyond the Warmarshal is completely obliterated leaving a wide angle of damage on the earth before him. Electricity from the multitude of machines crackle as pieces of wall and support beams collapse around the two combatants.

Warmarshal: That attack has some potential, too bad you don't.

In a split second Kazeyo seemingly disappears from his location and appears before the Warmarshal with a downward slash aimed at the Warmarshal's head. Ganza catches the sword near the handle and slides back a couple of feet. A few drops of blood fall to the floor

Warmarshal: That was pretty fast for someone who isn't a ninja. You even scratched me

Without wasting a moment Kazeyo jumps up and kicks him into a pile of rubble. Kazeyo dashes at Ganza to finish him off when he is forced to block Watosuke who intercepts his attack with is own sword. Kazeyo jumps back to give himself some room between him and his opponents.

Watosuke: Are you okay sir?

Warmarshal: (As he is standing back up) Thank you Watosuke. Would you finish up here, I have something to attend to.

Watosuke: But... (Pauses with a look of sadness on his face) Of course I will sir.

Warmarshal: (Dusting himself off) Good, you were always one of my best subordinates.

With that said the Warmarshal disappears in a puff of smoke.

Watosuke: (Directed at Kazeyo) I will be your...

In an instant, Kazeyo swiftly performs a strike toward Watosuke who jumps back to avoid it. They engage in an intense swordfight, but Watosuke is being ultimately forced back. Watosuke jumps back to clear some space between himself and his opponent. He puts his ningato into his mouth.

Watosuke: (Hitsugi-->I-->Inu-->Tori-->Tora) Katon: Shinka Kakuheki.

Watosuke breaths out a large amount of fire in front of him that creates a wide wall of flame separating him and Kazeyo. Kazeyo stares at him through the flames with his cold new eyes.

Watosuke: (Quietly) That should buy me some time. (Removes sword from mouth)

Kazeyo : Fuma no Tsume.

Watosuke : What!?

Kazeyo raises his left hand toward the fire. A giant claw engulfed in flame emerges from the wall slamming Watosuke into a pile of rubble before burning away to nothing. Watosuke drops his sword as he pulls himself to his feet. Kazeyo slowly begins to approach Watosuke as the flame wall has quits burning

Watosuke: (Mi-->Hitsugi-->Saru-->I-->Uma-->Tora) Katon: Gōkakyu no Jutsu

A considerably sized fireball begins to travel towards Kazeyo.

Kazeyo: Kaze Kaatsu.

Just as the fireball is about to hit Kazeyo it shrinks away to nothing leaving only a small amount of smoke.

Watosuke: How...did you?

Kazeyo: Air pressure.

Before that thought has a chance to sink in Kazeyo raises his left hand with his forefinger and middle finger pointing towards Watosuke, who is immobilized with exaustion. A dark purple bolt of lightning erupts from the pointed fingers that pierces Watosuke's heart. The young Konoha shinobi stumbles for a moment without uttering a noise before falling onto is back. Kazeyo walks over and stands over the lifeless body. He flips his katana around so that the blade is pointing down and stabs at Watosuke.

Voice: Nishibaru Fuuin!

Before the blade has a chance to pierce Watosuke's skull both of his arms become paralyzed and stiff with what would seem to be concentrated rings of chakra. Kazeyo looks over in the direction of the voice to see Tenmei standing with a confused look on his face.

Tenmei: What are you doing?

Kazeyo: Finishing my opponent.

Tenmei: He's done!

Kazeyo: Well, I'm not

Tenmei: (Thinks) This isn't the same man that I met in the cell, those eyes are corrupting him. (Out loud) You have to snap out of it, the Sharingan is controlling you.

Kazeyo: Shut up!

Kazeyo begins to force his body against and seals in order to free himself. His arms slowly begin to move.

Tenmei: Shimekukuru Fuuin

Kazeyo's entire body ceases movement. He attempts to struggle but it is to no avail. Tenmei, who is breathing heavily walks to the front of Kazeyo.

Tenmei: Give up you wont be able to free yourself from that.

Kazeyo: (Struggling to speak) I'll...kill...you.

Tenmei: Go to sleep.

Tenmei strikes Kazeyo on the forehead with his palm and he collapses to the ground. As he is laying there the dreadful chakra that was surrounding him fades. Tenmei notices that it isn't the same as it was before he was sent up here earlier that day. The sound of thunder echoes across the sky and it begins to rain upon the ruins of the lab. Kazeyo opens his eyes as the rain fall on him to reveal that the slits surrounding his pupil have been reduce to three.

Kazeyo: (Weakly) Tenmei...sorry.

Tenmei: Don't worry about that.

Kazeyo: I thought of everyone as targets, and saw the best way to kill them.

Tenmei: You're eyes are different than they were when you were angry, do you still feel the murderous intentions?

Kazeyo: No...but I can still see differently than normal.

Tenmei: I think whatever happened to your eyes has calmed down.

Kazeyo: Okay...

Tenmei pulls Kazeyo to his feet and helps support his weight. As they jump away from the ruins Kazeyo's eyes are seen returning to normal.
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Return to the Lab

A few days later Aya arrives at the now ruined laboratory with three ANBU guards. She is overcome with grief when she sees the state the research facility is in. She desperately searches for Watosuke, who was suppose to be managing this facility, and finds him lifeless and cold laying amongst the debris. She falls to her knees over his body and cries for some time. The ANBU bow their heads as a sign of respect for their fallen comrade, their partner, their brother. After some time Aya stands to her feet.

Aya: Can you have the capability to sense chakra?

Lead ANBU: We do have that ability.

Aya: Can you lead me to the one who did this to Watosuke?

Lead ANBU: I don't think we should...

Aya: I don't care! Can you do it!?

Lead ANBU: ...yes. (Looks over at another ANBU in the group)

Sensor: Just a second...

The ANBU member searching for the chakra kneels down before and places his hand over the hole in Watosuke's chest and closes his eyes. After a few moments of concentration he jumps up.

Sensor: It is really faint, but far to the east I am sensing a chakra that is very similar to the one that killed this man.

Aya: Then we head to the east.

Sensor: Are we allowed to do such...

Lead ANBU: Saizo! Are mission is just to watch over the Warmarshal's Daughter not to ask questions. Rei!?

The third ANBU walks up.

Rei: Yes, Captain Dabimaru?

Dabimaru: Take Watosuke's body back to Konoha.

Rei: Of course.

Rei pulls out a large scroll and rolls it out on the ground before Watosuke's corpse. Dabimaru and Saizo hold up Watosuke's body that has already begun to become stiff.

Rei: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!

A large amount embalming wrap from the scroll that launches up into the air.

Rei: Itaihousou no Jutsu!

The embalming wraps tightly around Watosuke's body as Dabimaru and Saizo return him to the ground.

Rei: I will return him to Konoha now captain.

Dabimaru: Very good, we'll be on our way too.

Both parties jump away in opposite directions and Aya is shown with a great deal of determination in her stride.
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Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
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Two days after the death of Kami’s master Kami and Seijuu arrive at the battleground where he was separated from Kazeyo. Kami searches for a few minutes when he stumbles upon a tattered shirt and a pair of shattered sunglasses. He drops to one knee, picks up the items, and examines them. Kami looks over at Seijuu.

Kami: Can you find him?

Seijuu smacks Kami’s hand and Kami moves the cloth over towards him. Seijuu takes a few sniffs and began to walk around the field with his nose to the ground for what seems to be an hour. He then looks at Kami and lets out a chilling howl as he begins moving slightly faster in one direction heading north bound. After a couple of hours of walking and following Seijuu, who’s nose was still to the ground,they arrive in a small fishing village. Just outside the village Kami turns to Seijuu.

Kami: Seijuu go in the wood and stay hiding until I get back.

Seijuu walks into the shadows of the woods and disappears almost immediately. Kami heads into the fishing village. It appears to be a somewhat quiet town with not to many people out and about. The buildings are old and rundown looking. He passes what looks to be a boat repair place, a fisherman untangling a large net, and two kids running out of a bait shop going down to the dock. He enters a tavern where there is a few people sitting at around table talking about stuff he cant understand. Kami walks over to the bar and takes a seat. The bartender walks over to Kami.

Bartender: What can I get you, son?
Kami: Whatever you got sir.

Bartender pours and hands Kami a drink.

Bartender: What brings you to our small fishing town?
Kami: I’m on a search.
Bartender: A search for what, traveler?

Kami: I came from a land a long from here and I was separated from my partner. So, I am searching for a place called Konoha. By the way, where about am I?
Bartender: We are about half a days walk from the border of the Fire Country. Konoha happens to be its capital.
Kami: Then I must be off then I must not waste to much time.

Kami takes the last drink, pays the man, and stands up and takes off through the door. Walking to the other side of the village, Kami whistles and out of the bushes steps Seijuu.

Kami: Shall we start our search again?

Seijuu sniffs around for a few minutes and locates the smell of Kazeyo’s chakra. As night approaches they finally reaches the border between the Fire Country and Tea Country. Kami decides to make camp and continue the search at first light. As Kami lays with his head on the fast asleep Seijuu he ponders on the events that have occurred since Kazeyo and himself arrived here nearly a month ago. Kami rolls over as a sun beam strikes him in the eye. Not realizing he had so silently drifted to sleep, he rises up along with Seijuu as they both watch the sunrise. After some time, they head off into the fire country, keeping low profiles as to avoid any shinobis. About half a days walk passes and they come to a what Kami believes to be two paths one heading north the other to the east. Kami looks at Seijuu who would appears to be lost or confused.

Kami: Did you lose his charka scent boy?

Seijuu begins walking down the northern path only to turn around a few hundred feet later and starts down the eastern path, but he stops and looks back and forth. Seijuu finally decides on the East path. After two hours or so of walking Seijuu darts off into the shadows and disappears. Suddenly, a large group of shinobi jump forth from the trees and surrounded Kami. Their headbands have a sort of star shape on them.

Leader: Who are you! Why do you attempt to enter the Wasteland Country!
Kami: I am Kami Fuyutama, and my mission is my own.
Leader: A Fuyutama? You lie, kill him!

One of the other shinobi draws his blade and charges Kami. Kami draws his own katana and blocks the shinobi's blade.

Leader: STOP! Look at this sword, the craftsmanship is our own. You said you are a Fuyutama?
Kami: (confused) Yes. What does this do with anything?
Leader: If you are then where did you come from?
Kami: I arrived here on a boat with a cousin of mine. Now what is the meaning of this!?
Leader: The meaning is this. You are our Lord.

All of the shinobi drop to their kneels and bow.

Kami: Get up! All of you!
Leader: Yes my lord, We…
Kami: Why do you call me Lord!?
Leader: You have no idea? Please Lord, come with us. We shall take you to the elder.

Kami and the other Shinobi begin to walk farther east as they cross into a wasteland. They arrive at the edge of gigantic canyon. Peering down Kami see what looks like a city system built into the canyon's walls. A network of bridges connects ever and all levels from wall to wall. Between the canyon sides located, closer to one end is a towering tree, and built into it are intricately carved housing. As the shinobi head down a large spiral path Kami follows shortly behind. They enter a small room at the base of the huge tree. Inside sits a very old looking man.

Old Man: Who are you?
Kami: Who are you? Your men brought me here.
Leader: He’s a Fuyutama!
Old Man: Leave us my son… What is your name traveler?
Kami: My name is Kami Fuyutama.
Old Man: If you truly are a Fuyutama, as you say your are, then I have a little test for you.

The old man stands up and walks over to a large wooden box covered in ancient text unknown to Kami. He breaks a seal with a hand sign and opens the box grabbing an artifact. He walks back over to Kami.

Old Man: Take this stone and we shall see if you are a Fuyutama.

Kami takes the artifact and holds it a few moments. Then Kami’s green charka flows from his fingers into the artifact. Symbols begin glowing as the artifact lifts out of his hand. Parts of the object begin shifting and rotating in different directions. A black fox appears with blue tribal marks along his body. It materializes next to Kami and appears to be a few feet shorter than him.

Old Man: My lord! You are a Fuyutama. This is your ancestral spirit's manifestion.
Kami: I told you I was. And what is the spirit for?
Old Man: All Fuyutama have one, it is the source of most of your power. When a Fuyutama releases their spirit they must sign a blood contract with it or lose all of their clan's strength.
Kami: Why should I believe anything you say?
Old Man: Because I am a Fuyutama (As he shows the Fuyutama Clan crest tattooed on his arm).
Kami: That my crest.
Old Man: Your crest?
Kami: My father lead the clan all my life.
Old Man: You’re the Kage’s sons! Your our Kage!… Quickly you must sign a contract with your ancestor.

The old man hands Kami a scroll and performs a blood contract between Kami and the fox.

Old Man: Now my lord, You have a lot to learn and we must tell the village our Kage is here.

A bell sounds as they walk out of the room within the tree. Villagers begin to gather around them. Once the villagers all have gathered the old man speaks.

Old Man: My fellow villagers, I have gathered you all here today to announce that the Fuyutama Clan lives on and Kami is proof of that. This is our long departed Kage’s son. With the power invested in me by the nobles I here by give you Kage Kami Fuyutama.

Silence in the crowd.

Villager: Why should we trust him, what has he done to show us he is worthiness?

Villagers begins arguing the situation

Old Man: Perhaps you should wait in my office, while I work this out.
Kami: Whatever.

Kami walks back into the tree office. In the chair where the old man sitting when they first met in an ANBU ninja appearing to be from this village.

Kami: Who are you?
ANBU: I am Kaijin Fuyutama. The elder said you were a Fuyutama and your father was a Kage like mine.
Kami: That’s right...you’re a Fuyutama? Who was your father?
Kaijin: My father was…

The old man returns from outside. With a concerned look on his face, and interrupts Kaijin.

Old Man: Kaijin, what are you doing here?
Kaijin: Just making our new Kage right at home.
Old Man: What do you mean by this?
Kaijin: I don’t trust him!

Suddenly, an alarm sounds.

Old Man and Kaijin: Someone is attacking!

Large explosions can be heard outside. As the three of them run outside, they look up to see three shinobi falling from the cliff performing a barrage of Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique.

Kaijin: What does our Kage think we should do about this?
Kami: Step back kid!

Kami pushes Kaijin aside and raises a open palm to the sky and rips a giant Ishigaki from the side of a flat spot on the cliff blocking the village from the Fire ninja.

Kaijin: That was pretty good I guess Kage.

Kami rotates his head and looks a Kaijin as he burst into water. Kaijin suppressed looks back up at the platform made my Kami as he see Kami flip over the edge on top of the platform. The three ninja now if front of Kami he can clearly see the are Konoha shinobi.

Kami: What do you want with my village?
Female: A prisoner of ours was tracked here. Wait! You’re the one that was blown off the cliff!
Kami: You’re the one how took Kazeyo!
Aya: We got led to you instead. No matter killing that man's kin first is fitting start to his punishment.

The two ANBU behind Aya shoot Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique together. Kami responds by doing four hand seals and placing his hands together forming Water Release: Water ball techniques and then breaking it off into two water balls launching them at the fireballs and the turning them into steam. When the steam fades Kami notices a system of wires flying towards him barely giving Kami enough time to react. He catches the wires rapping them around his arm and with a strong jerk he pulls Aya towards him. When she is reaches Kami he greets her with his fist sending her flying back into the cliff side. Both AMBU leap in air pulling out katanas ready to cut Kami to shreds. Kami leaps back dodging their onslaught as he unsheathes his katana preparing for the ANBU’s next assault. They charge in at him and Kami quickly slides one foot back spinning around as he obliterate the ANBU’s katanas and cuts through their chests completing one and half spins to end facing away from their bodies as they fall to the ground. Kami turns and looks to Aya as she stands up.

Aya: (whispers, gasping for air) My father with come for your head.

She jumps back up the cliff disappearing over the canyon wall. Kami hears a faint cheer has he hops off the platform.

Villagers: Kage! Kami! (Mixture of the two)
Old Man: I would seem the accept you know Kami.
Kaijin: It would seem he as some skills.

Kami: (Thinks to himself) If I was mistaken and tracked Kazeyo here and Konoha also tracked him here on accident, where is he?
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Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
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Cloud and Canyon

Kazeyo awakens from a dream that Kami is being thrown off the cliff again to find himself alone in a small dark room. He is laying on of a thin mattress with his katana laying by his side. He pulls his aching body up and slowly and quietly moves over to the door with his sword in hand. Just as he is about to make it to the door it quickly slides open startling him. Kazeyo jumps back and draws his sword. Tenmei walks through the doorway holding a bag with a puzzled look on his face.

Tenmei: It seems you are feeling better. (Slides the door closed)

Kazeyo: Oh, it's just you...(Sheaths his katana) where are we now?

Tenmei: A small inn on the outside of Konoha. (Sets down the bag)

Kazeyo: Konoha, is it safe to be this close...?

Tenmei: Probably not, but I blocked your chakra so they wouldn't be able to track us. (Opens a window)

Kazeyo: You did what?

Tenmei: It was a precaution I had to take; I can't fight and you were incapacitated.

Kazeyo: (worried) Is it reversible?

Tenmei: Are your techniques all you think about it?

Kazeyo: Only when I can't use them.

Tenmei: Fair enough.

Tenmei: Kaiin!

Kazeyo falls to his knees and and holding his chest.

Kazeyo: What did you do?

Tenmei: Just removed the seal I placed on you. Your feeling how low your chakra is after not eating for three days.

Kazeyo: I've been out for three days?

Tenmei: That you have, so you need to eat if you want to get out of here. (Reaches into the bag and pulls out a rice ball)

Kazeyo: (Grabbing the rice ball) Thank you. So what have you been doing while I was asleep.

Tenmei: Mostly trying to keep a low profile and prevent anyone from knowing you are here.

Kazeyo: What do you mean?

Tenmei: Well, I didn't have any money to pay for this room so I used an illusion to get us in here.

Kazeyo: In that case we better not overstay our welcome.

Tenmei: Indeed (sigh) I really wish Konoha wasn't trying to wage war right now.

Kazeyo: I'm sure, but you seem more hung up on it than before.

Tenmei: Well, I just heard that Konoha has an incredible library overflowing with ancient and modern texts.

Kazeyo: Like a database?

Tenmei: Yeah, I bet they have information on all kinds of things, too bad that we can't go in there.

Kazeyo: Why not?

Tenmei: Isn't it obvious, it would be way to dangerous to get in there.

Kazeyo: Aren't you a ninja, isn't this what you are suppose to do?

Tenmei: Well...I don't...

Kazeyo: I'll finish up here and we'll sneak on in.

Tenmei: That would be too dangerous.

Kazeyo: Nah...I forced that Warmarshal dude to retreat...I'm not worried.

Tenmei: Seriously! Can we just head toward my homeland, please.

Kazeyo: (Surprised) Oh...ok, lets get going then.

Kazeyo and Tenmei pack up some supplies from the room and sneak out of the inn. From there they continue away from Konoha which can be seen in the distance toward Kumogakure.

– –

Sometime later that evening Rei is seen jumping through the trees.

Rei: (To himself) the tracks would indicate that Dabimaru and the others went this way.

He looks down and spies what seems to be someone laying up against a tree holding their left arm. He jumps down from above to see who it is.

Rei: Aya!

Aya: (Weakly) Rei...is that you?

Rei: What happened, where is the rest of the team?

Aya: Dead...murdered.

Rei: What!? Who did it?

Aya: I attacked some village in a canyon looking for the man that killed Watosuke and they followed me. We didn't find him, but someone that he was with when we captured him. The man we attacked killed both Saizo and Dabimaru so easily and even broke my arm. (Coughs)

Rei: I have to get you back home to a medic.

Rei lifts Aya off of the ground onto his back and begins back toward Konoha.

– –

Kazeyo and Tenmei are trekking through the woods in the moonlight when Kazeyo seems to notice something.

Kazeyo: Tenmei, be on guard...someone is coming.

Tenmei: Where?

Kazeyo: Right in front of us. Why don't you show yourself!

In front of the two travelers a man wearing a flak jacket falls from the trees above and donning a Konoha headband.

Tenmei: (Quietly to Kazeyo) That is a Konoha Jonin.

Jonin: Excuse me, do the two of you happen to be Kazeyo Fuyutama-sama and Tenmei Juusha-san?

Kazeyo: Who are you to ask such a question?

Jonin: Pardon my rudeness, I am Ryomaru Jinicha, Konoha Jonin.

Kazeyo: Konoha...hmm...I believe we are out of your jurisdiction. We left the Fire Country some time ago...so I'm afraid that I will not be answering your questions.

Ryomaru: (Laughs) Unfortunately for you, Lord Fuyutama, the Fire Country's borders aren't what they used to be and in such a turbulent time jurisdiction is flexible.

Kazeyo: Is that so, so I suppose we wont be passing with your consent.

Ryomaru: My apologies, but I can't allow that. You don't want to go anyway, do you Tenmei?

Tenmei looks down to the ground as if he is shamed.

Kazeyo: What is he talking about Tenmei?

Ryomaru: If Tenmei returns home the possibility war is going to increase dramatically, and he wont want to cause that. So lets go Tenmei, back to your cell.

Tenmei begins to step forward as Kazeyo puts his hand in front of him.

Kazeyo: I know you don't want a war and violence, but you won't be the one perpetuating it. You have to get home and inform your people what is going on in the Fire Country.

Tenmei: But...

Kazeyo: No...if you can't make this decision then I'll make it for you...prevent the problems that are cultivating here. But you have to leave this place your sacrifice will not fix it.

Tenmei: (Seemingly conflicted)...Okay.

Kazeyo: Let me care of this guy and we'll go.

Ryomaru: So, you have decided to make things difficult sir.

Kazeyo: Indeed.

Kazeyo quickly turns toward Ryomaru while simultaneously employing a variation of the monkey handseal charging his left hand with a shroud of purple lightning. He raises his electrified appendage toward Ryomaru.

Kazeyo: Last chance...you don't have to die.

Ryomaru: Death before dishonor Fuyutama-sama.

Ryomaru: (Ushi→U→Saru) Chidori!

The sound of chirping fills the air as a concentrated ball of blue-white electricity forms within the hand of Ryomaru. Hoping to stop the use of the technique, Kazeyo releases the bolt of purple lightning from his hand around 25ft towards Ryomaru. Just as Kazeyo's attack is about to hit its target Ryomaru moves the ball of lightning into the path of Kazeyo's technique. The purple lightning is deflected into a nearby tree causing it to topple. Ryomaru then charges Kazeyo with amazing speed attempting to run the ball of lightning into Kazeyo. Kazeyo flips to his right avoiding the attack and slides back a bit. Ryomaru maintains chidori in his hand and turns back toward Kazeyo.

Kazeyo: (Thinking) I could barely follow his movements.

Ryomaru: Do you see now that you can't beat me. You barely avoided that technique sir, next time you wont.

Ryomaru charges Kazeyo once more, but just as Kazeyo is about to jump away he notices that there is a hand from beneath the ground holding onto his foot.

Ryomaru: Don't mind the Earth Clone.

Kazeyo looks at Ryomaru intently just as the lightning technique closes in on him. A few drops of blood fall to the ground between the two combatants.

Tenmei: Kazeyo!

Ryomaru: How did you...?

Kazeyo: Your speed suddenly became crystal clear, but I wasn't fast enough to prevent all the damage.

Kazeyo stopped Ryomaru's hand before it was able shove chidori any farther into his chest. He raises his head up to reveal his Sharingan mutation with a three slit design. He raises his opposite hand toward Ryomaru's chest.

Kazeyo: Fushou

Ryomaru flies back about 20ft and falls onto his back lightning still raging in his hand. He pulls himself to his feet and violently charges Kazeyo a final time with chidori.

Ryomaru: DIE!

Kazeyo: Too angry.

Kazeyo quickly draws his katana and cuts the arm of the Earth Clone that was binding him.

Ryomaru: Too late!

Kazeyo: Hardly.

Kazeyo: Fuma no Tsume.

Kazeyo extends his left hand in a claw like shape grabbing the chidori as it is shoved at him.

Ryomaru: You can't stop this technique.

Kazeyo: I don't have to.

Kazeyo swings his katana over the chest of Ryomaru who immediately quits producing electricity and falls to the ground. Kazeyo turns around and begins to walk away as he sheaths his katana.

Ryomaru: (Grasping for breath) Why didn't you kill me?

Kazeyo: (Still walking away) Because I didn't want to.

Ryomaru: They're not going to stop coming after you.

Kazeyo: I know.

Kazeyo and Tenmei walk off as they continue their journey to the Cloud village.

– –

As the sun rises Warmarshal Ganza walks into what appears to be a hospital room. He pulls aside a curtain to reveal Aya laying in a bed bandaged up with her left arm in a sling.

Ganza: Aya, how did this happen?

Aya: Uh...I went after Watosuke's killer sir, and I was beaten...but Dabimaru and Saizo were killed.

Ganza: I know they are, who did it?

Aya: The companion of Kazeyo Fuyutama that we thought had died.

Ganza: Really...?

Aya: He was in a village inside a canyon.

Ganza: What!? You invaded Kyoukoku without an order?

Aya: I didn't know there was a hidden village around there. What are we going to do?

Ganza: You Aya...you have done enough. You have made things even more difficult for me than usual.

Aya: I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to, but I wanted to avenge Watosuke.

Ganza: (Pauses for a moment) Enough about Watosuke and the others. What did you find out about the Fuyutama?

Aya: Uhh...I discovered that they could be an incredible threat.

Ganza: Tell me everything.

– –

The sun begins to rise as Kazeyo and Tenmei finally approach their destination. The terrain on their path toward Kumo has become increasingly mountainous and altitude continues to increase.

Tenmei: We are almost there.

Kazeyo: That's good, because this is incredibly boring.

Voice: Halt! You have trespassed into the Lightning Country, state your purpose.

Tenmei: I, Tenmei Juusha, would like to return home.

Voice: Tenmei!?

At this point a Kumogakure Kunoichi becomes visible on a nearby boulder and pulls herself out of it.

Kazeyo: (Thinking to himself) I couldn't sense her at all while she was in that stone.

Kunoichi: It truly is you...(Looks at Kazeyo) Who is that?

Tenmei: This is Kazeyo Fuyutama, he helped me escape the Fire Country.

Kunoichi: Hmm...I don't think I'm allowed to let him in here.

Tenmei: He has...

Kazyeo: It's fine Tenmei, I'm glad you made it home I'll go now.

Kazeyo turns around and begins to walk away.

Tenmei: Wait! (Toward the Kunoichi) Shouldn't the Raikage decide what has to be done with him?

Kunoichi: Uh...I guess.

Kazeyo: (Stops walking) You guys really need to make up your mind.

– –

Back in the hospital.

Ganza: Is that everything you found out?

Aya: Yes sir.

Ganza: That bloodline would be a problem if it was to grow, or a powerful weapon if we could get him to join us.

Aya: I don't think...

Ganza: (Ignoring her) Either way we only need one of them alive.

Aya: Sir?

Ganza: I'm leaving to organize an assault on Kyoukoku immediately.

Aya: Should you really?

Ganza stands up from his seat and leaves the hospital room.

Aya: (Quietly as tears fall from her face) Don't die...father.

– –

Two mornings later Kazeyo and Tenmei are standing at the gate of Kumogakure.

Tenmei: Are you sure that you have to go?

Kazyeo: Yeah, there are things I have to find out.

Tenmei: I guess I can understand.

Kazyeo: Well, I better not waste anymore of the day.

Tenmei: Probably not.

Kazeyo turns to leave when...

Tenmei: Kazeyo! Take this. (Handing over his Kumo headband)

Kazeyo: Thank you.

The two shake hands and Kazeyo walks off down the path away from Kumo.

Some time later that day Kazeyo is dashing through the forest towards Konoha. After Tenmei told him about all of the information that Konoha keeps under wrap, Kazeyo decided that he had to go there. From the ground he suddenly jumps up to a the branch of a nearby tree and peers across a small lake at the Leaf Village.

Kazeyo: Hmm...the security looks rather lax, I wonder...

Kazeyo activates his Sharingan mutation in order to take a closer look at the city. He sees a thin dome of chakra is surrounds the entire village.

Kazeyo: Thought so...it is too thin to be used as a shield, it must monitor anything that passes through it. This is going to be a problem.

He continues to look around when he spies a small waterway leading under the city walls. After careful examination he discovers that the barrier doesn't cover the waterway. He decides that he should probably wait until nightfall before he attempts entering Konoha.

– –

Back at the hospital Rei is visiting with Aya in the late evening.

Aya: He's really going to attack Kyoukoku?

Rei: Yeah, he told me that he wants me to look after you in his absence.

Aya: Whatever, is he trying to make the war even bigger?

Rei: He is doing this to get back at those who hurt you.

Aya: No...he just wants more power.

Rei: Power?

Aya: The power of the Fuyutama Clan.

Rei: What power is that?

Aya: You can read all about in Konoha's Records.

Rei: I think I will. We should have all the information we can on our enemies.

Rei begins to walk away.

Rei: Aya, despite what you may believe, the Warmarshal does care about you.

Aya: …

Rei leaves the hospital in the early night.

– –

In the depths of Konoha Kazeyo creeps through the labyrinth of sewers hoping to find his way into the city above. As he peers forward down the path he sees a beam of moonlight from above. He climbs up the small ladder toward the surface. Kazeyo forces up the manhole cover just enough to look out and surveys the area. When he sees nobody around he quickly throws the metallic cover off to the side and jump out of the sewer into a nearby alley.

Kazeyo: (Thinking) Now, where would do they keep all of their hidden knowledge?

Kazeyo hears someone walking up the road so he hides behind some garbage.

Rei: (To himself) I wonder if the central database is still open?

Kazeyo: (Thinking) I wonder if this “central database” is the same place that Tenmei talked about.

Kazeyo follows behind the shinobi at a safe distance toward their shared destination. Just outside of a large building Rei stops when he gets to the top of the stairs leading to its entrance.

Rei: So, you let me lead you here...show yourself.

Kazeyo steps out from behind a building.

Kazeyo: When did you notice?

Rei: Back at the sewer entrance.

Kazeyo: So, ninja aren't as stupid as they appear.

Rei: Sorry to disappoint you. Who are you?

Kazeyo: Me, is that really necessary?

Rei reaches into a pouch and pulls a kunai out.

Kazeyo: No need to get violent, my name is Kazeyo Fuyutama.

Rei: Fuyutama!? Kazeyo!? You're the one that killed Watosuke-senpai.

Kazeyo: Watosuke...doesn't ring a bell.

Rei: You killed him when you escaped the laboratory!

Kazeyo: Oh that dude...I suppose I did.

Rei throws the the kunai attached to what appears to be a glass vial at Kazeyo's feet. Upon hitting the ground the vial shatters releasing a large amount of smoke. Kazeyo jumps out of the smoke and looks for Rei who hasn't moved from his spot on the stairs.

Kazeyo: When you use smoke on an opponent you should really take advantage of the distraction.

Rei: It isn't that kind of smoke.

At that moment Kazeyo falls to his knee coughing.

Rei: You will be dead within the minute.

Kazeyo coughs some more and tries to pull himself to his feet.

Rei: Don't even try you'll just spread the venom faster.

Kazeyo: (coughing subsides) Wow that was pretty strong, but I think you should dilute it less next time.

Rei: How are you?

Kazeyo disappears from his spot and appears behind Rei, who stands frozen in fear.

Kazeyo: Night.

Rei collapses onto his chest and Kazeyo looks up the side of the building to see a cracked window.

Kazeyo: Nice.

Kazeyo runs up the side of the building and into the window. Inside he is able to vaguely see rows of books in the darkness. He collects a small amount of lightning chakra on his hand for a light and begins to look through the books. He passes by many categories of text until he comes to a large door with the word “Forbidden.” Just as he is about to reach for the door he hears the sound of blowing paper. He turns his head towards the noise and sees an unrolled scroll thrown across a table. He walks over to it and picks it up to examine it. After a second he discovers that the scroll is labeled “Fuyutama Clan.”

Kazeyo: That is oddly convenient.

After many minutes of reading Kazeyo looks up from the scroll.

Kazeyo: Adaptation to biological poisons, that's helpful.

Kazeyo continues to read. Just as seems to be getting interested in it Kazeyo stands up.

Kazeyo: I'm going to get caught if I stay here reading this.

He looks over the scroll whispering what seems to be different headings on the scroll. He then rolls up the scroll and puts it in his shirt. He quickly makes his way out the window and past the now snoring Rei, much to his amusement. He runs back to the manhole and successfully escapes from Konoha. He checks to make sure he has the stolen scroll and flees into the forest once again.

Kazeyo: (Thinking) Kyoukokugakure, the hidden village built upon the home of my ancestors...I wonder what's left of the past.

– –

The next morning, on top of a roof, Warmarshal Ganza is standing before hundreds of shinobi and kunoichi all wearing flak jackets.

Ganza: All of you, in order to protect the security of this village and to redeem the memory of our fallen comrades we must invade and destroy Kyoukoku. I will not allow the deaths of our people go unignored. We go now, for glory!

The crowd cheers and follows the Warmarshal off of the building and through the front gate. They charge into the forest heading the same way that Kazeyo went earlier the night before. Bounding over and through the branches of the trees, the massive group ninja race toward their destination behind their leader.

– –

Kazeyo dashes across a desolate plain that is severely lacking foliage as far as the eye can see heading directly toward the village hidden in the canyon. Much to his surprise, three masked shinobi begin to run around him.

Lead Ninja: You need to stop so we can talk.

Kazeyo: (Keeping up his speed) Why?

Lead Ninja: You're trespassing in a military occupied area.

Kazeyo: Sorry, but see...I'm bit cranky from being up so long...and I'm about sick of military occupied areas.

Lead Ninja: If you insist of continuing, I request that you follow us into Kyoukoku.

Kazeyo: (Sigh)

A short time later Kazeyo and is escort arrive at a large canyon. He follows the ANBU into the heart of a bustling city towards a gigantic tree growing in the center of the canyon. They lead Kazeyo into a winding passage within the tree that ends a large door.

Lead Ninja: (Yelling through door) Koudokage-sama we brought in a trespasser, we wanted to know your position on these kinds of matters.

Koudokage: Send the trespasser in.

The door is open and Kazeyo is lead in.
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Fated Meeting

Kazeyo walks into a cluttered room to see a large chair facing away from him.

Kazeyo: So...are you suppose to be the leader?

Koudokage: (Thinking) Could it be? (smirking while hiding voice) Yes, I am the leader.

Kazeyo: (Notices the obvious attempt to hide voice) I need to know what Kyoukoku knows about the Fuyutama...or else.

Koudokage: Oh...I better tell you about them then, shouldn't I?

The chairs rotates around to reveal Kami wearing an elaborate set of robes. He smiles at Kazeyo and tries to resist laughing. Kazeyo, while surprised that Kami is both alive and well, also has to resist laughing at meeting up with his partner once again.

Kazeyo: So, now your the leader of an entire village?

Kami: Indeed I am.

Kazeyo: Well, I haven't accomplished anything that grand, but I have found out much about our clan's past.

Kami: I found out a few things as well, but if you said you found out much you probably have learned a great deal...so please inform me.

Kazeyo reaches into his shirt and pulls out the scroll that he had collected from Konoha. He opens up the scroll a begin to read to Kami.

Kazeyo: First of all, it is said that in ancient times that our clan was feared as one of the most powerful clans of all, rivaling even the Uchiha and Senju. This was due to three unique traits that the members of our clan possessed. The first was access to incredibly potent chakra supplied by our ancestors. This not only gave clansmen large chakra capacities, but also increased the efficiency of the techniques they used. The second trait was that was known for the creation of many powerful weapons that were said to react with the user's chakra. This combined with our ancestral chakra made our clan even deadlier of the battlefield. Finally, the last and possibly most amazing of our clans traits was the biochemistry of each member was highly adaptive to the surroundings. This allowed the clansmen to many almost inhuman things such as becoming immune to biological poisons and more importantly reverse engineer an opponents kekkei genkai by being exposed to their chakra. A Fuyutama could actually develop an advanced bloodline just by coming in contact with a person that embodied it. When the Fuyutama blood was thicker it was said that members could reproduce multiple kekkei genkai in a single person without ill effects, but as time went on members were able to mimic less and less bloodlines.

Kami: That is truly fearsome.

Kazeyo: Very, and that is why the world bound together to kill our clan. I believe that is why we were born away from the ninja world. What is it you found out?

Kami: It would be easier to show you than tell you.

Kazeyo: Okay...

Kami bites his right thumb, drawing a small amount of blood, and places his right hand upon the floor. A large amount of light erupts from below Kami's hand and a fox, seemingly composed of chakra materializes around Kami.

Kami: This is my spirit summon, a unique summoning style to the Fuyutama.

Kazeyo: That is quite interesting.

Kami: It is fueled by your ancestral chakra.

Kazeyo: Hmm...would I be able to perform such a technique?

Kami: Sure, but first you must identify your spirit creature and sign a contract with it.

Kazeyo: Show me the way.

Kami walks over to the same wooden box that the elder gathered an artifact from before and extracts a small intricately carved stone and takes it to Kazeyo.

Kami: Channel your chakra into this artifact.

Kazeyo focuses for a moment until purple energies begin to flow from Kazeyo into the artifact. Just like with Kami before the artifact raises out Kazeyo's hand as symbols glow brightly on its surface. A large silver serpentine spirit materializes around Kazeyo. The artifact breaks and turns to dust.

Kazeyo: I suppose this is the spirit creature.

Kami: Yes. (hands Kazeyo a scroll) You have to sign this with your blood.

Kazeyo: Ah...(slices himself with the edge of the scroll and uses the blood to sign the contract)

The spirit disappears from the room.

Kazeyo: I can already feel my chakra capacities increasing.

Kami: Really...I didn't notice that.

Kazeyo: Yeah, I...

Suddenly an alarm sounds throughout the room.

Kazeyo: What is that?

Kami: Not again.
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Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
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Of Invasions and Demons

The alarm continues to ring.

Kazeyo: So what's going on?

Kami: Uh...well...

Suddenly a Kyoukoku Jonin busts into the office breathing heavily.

Kami: Miatsu, what seems to be the matter?

Miatsu: (trying to catch his breath) A...massive army...coming this way.

Kami: Really, who is it?

Miatsu: It would appear...that it is lead by Warmarmashal Ganza of Konoha.

Kazeyo becomes tense at the mention of the Warmarshal.

Kami: How many are attacking?

Miatsu: Current predictions have their numbers into the hundreds, what are we going to do?

Kami: We are going to protect the village at all cost and...

At that moment the elder walks into the room.

Elder: We don't have the manpower to defend against such an attack.

Kami: What do you suppose we do then, allow them to overrun us?

Elder: Of course not, but we must use a powerful weapon if we hope to survive.

Kazeyo: What kind of weapon?

Elder: A tailed beast Lord Fuyutama.

Kazeyo: A what?

Elder: A gigantic uncontrollable monster composed of chakra.

Kazeyo: How are we to use such a thing?

Elder: We have to insert the beast into a suitable host so that its power can be utilized.

Kami: Sounds dangerous.

Elder: We can make it safe for you Lord Koudokage.

Kazeyo: Why does it have to be him?

Elder: A true leader is ready to take such risks.

Kami: I'll do it.

Kazeyo: Wait a moment...

Elder: We have no time, if you would follow me Koudokage.

Kami and the elder walk out of the room. Kazeyo attempts to follow but is blocked by a few ANBU members.

ANBU: If you would follow us this way, we would greatly appreciate it.

Kazeyo: (thinking to himself) What is going on here? (Out loud) Very well.

Kazeyo is lead away from the village up to the side of the canyon by the ANBU.

ANBU: Thank you for visiting.

Kazeyo: Yeah...

The ANBU return to the village leaving Kazeyo up on the side of the canyon.

Kazeyo: If I try to go back in there I'll probably be attacked. I need to find out more about what they trying to do with Kami and this beast. Konoha is on their way to, so I don't have much time.

Kami and the elder are walking down a dimly lit hall.

Kami: (Looking back) Where is Kazeyo?

Elder: Oh, he said he some stuff to take care of and left in a hurry. Don't worry about him.

Kami: (Not trusting the elder) Uh...okay.

The Elder leads Kami into a large room with five men in robes sitting around an intricately carved design in the floor.

Elder: These men will perform the ritual, please sit between them in the middle.

Kami: If you say so.

Kami walk into the middle of the design and sits onto the floor.

Elder: Just close your eyes and we will get started.

At this time Kazeyo is sneaking around the village hoping to avoid detection by the ANBU. He has made it back into the canyon but isn't sure where Kami is anymore. He hears somebody coming so he ducks behind a building.

First Voice: The Elder has requested more guards down below for the sealing ritual, but I forget how to get there.

Second Voice: You really are stupid, it is at the base of the giant tree.

Kazeyo: Is it really?

The two ninja turn around to see Kazeyo standing before them. Kazeyo disappears from the shinobi's view only to appear behind the two ninja knocking them out with a quick strike of his sheath. Without wasting any time he jumps off toward the giant tree. After some time Kazeyo is attempting to make his way through the interior of the tree in order to find Kami. Elsewhere, Kami is being prepared for the sealing ritual. Kami thinks to himself worrying about the methods that will be used in the ritual.

Kami: So what do I need to do in order to ease along the process?

Robed Man: Just remain silent and you wont have to worry about a thing.

The robed men around Kami begin to chant in a foreign language which doesn't relieve Kami's nerves. After a few minutes of listening to the men around him chant Kami begins to feel a large mass of energy underneath him. Just as he is about to look below himself to identify what it is he is feeling, the energy surges into Kami violently causing you scream out in pain. After what seems to be an eternity of agony Kami collapses to the floor and lays there motionless. The elder walks up to Kami's sleeping body.

Elder: Will the seal hold?

Robed man: The Thousand Year Five Elements Seal is more than enough to hold a tailed beast.

Elder: Good. (Directed to guards) Take his body out and lay where the invaders will find it.

Guard: Why?

Elder: If Konoha stumbles across him, we can hope the demon inside him awakens and kills them all. Don't question me again.

Guard: What if the demon harms me and my men?

Elder: I said don't question me.

The guards pick up Kami's unconscious body and drag him out of the room just as Kazeyo walks in.

Kazeyo: Hey! What's going on? Where are you taking Kami?

Elder: Oh...I thought I took care of you.

Kazeyo: I said, what's going on?

Elder: The ritual is already complete and Kami will die protecting this village, you should be proud.

Kazeyo: Do you really think that I will let you do this?

Elder: You wont have a choice.

The elder motions toward the robed men that performed the ritual who immediately jump and charge Kazeyo with kunai. Kazeyo moves his hand to his katana and powerfully draws it killing the first of his attackers with a single strike. With lightning speed Kazeyo easily defeats his remaining opponents and slowly approaches the elder.

Elder: Even if you kill me both the Koudokage and I will be remembered as martyrs...and you Lord Fuyutama will die a murderer.

Kazeyo: You are right about one thing.

Kazeyo kicks his enemy across the room into a wall where the elder fights to maintain his footing. With incredible speed Kazeyo appears before the elder, who falls leaning against the wall after witnessing Kazeyo's speed.

Elder: What...?

Kazeyo: I can kill you.

Kazeyo thrusts his katana into what appears to be the elder's eye socket who after a few seconds of screaming and twitching ceases all movement. After removing his sword from the Elder, Kazeyo swings his katana in midair flinging off the blood and immediately sheaths it. He continues out of the door that Kami was dragged through searching for his abducted clansmen.

Outside of the village two guards are carrying Kami to hopefully intercept the Konoha invasion. After they get so far from the village they lay his body onto the ground.

First guard: What do we do now?

Second guard: Uh...maybe we should try and awaken the demon.

First guard: How do we do the that?

The second guard kicks Kami in the stomach causing the Koudokage to spit up some blood. The first guard attempts to do the same thing when both of them are raised into the air by sand and violently crushed to death. Kami stands up in a daze with a vacant expression on his face. As he looks into the distance his Kami's eyes fog over and become white. In the distance it would appear that he sees Konoha ninja moving his way. His vacant expression becomes a demonic smile and sand begins to swirl around him.

Back in the city Kazeyo is trying to find where Kami has been taken. Suddenly he feels a large surge of chakra rush over his body.

Kazeyo: What was that? It's so cold, but somehow familiar. Wait! Could it be?

Kazeyo rushes out of the village which seems oddly deserted toward the strange chakra. As he approaches it he hears screaming and explosions. As he looks up ahead he sees the silhouette of a gigantic beast hundreds of feet tall.

Kazeyo: Kami, what have they turned you into?

At that moment Kazeyo sees many ninja attempting to sneak up on the beast and he rushes to intercept him. He quickly identifies that he is incredibly outnumbered. Some of the shinobi stop before him, puzzled by Kazeyo's attempt to halt their attack.

Shinobi: Do you really think you alone will stop us?

Kazeyo: (Thinking) He's right...what to do?

Shinobi: You're not going to answer? Whatever! Kill 'em!

Kazeyo: (Still thinking) I suppose it is worth a shot.

As the ninja charge Kazeyo he puts his palms together and begins to collect a large amount of energy. Purple chakra swirls around his body scorching the ground near his feet. Kazeyo then puts both of hands on the ground and releases a large amount of chakra that even draws the attention of the sand beast behind him. An earth shaking roar is heard as an azure serpent nearly a thousand feet long rises from Kazeyo's location into the air. Everything in the area is frozen by the sight of the mystical dragon's appearance. Within his own mind Kazeyo hears a incredibly powerful voice.

Voice: I am Seiryuu, for what purpose have you summoned me?

Kazeyo: (Responding in his mind) Uh...I'm Kazeyo Fuyutama...and I need to protect my family.

Seiryuu: A worthy cause...I will lend you my strength.

The azure dragon turns toward the Konoha ninja that were attacking Kazeyo and breaths out a intense blue flame towards them. Oddly the flame doesn't ignite the surrounding forests or even leave burn marks on the ninja, but they all collapse and Kazeyo isn't able to sense any presence or life in their bodies.

Kazeyo: (To Seiryuu) What did you do to them?

Seiryuu: The mystical flame of Reien only burns the souls of my opponents.

Kazeyo: Oh.

Seiryuu: There is something else you like me of me?

Kazeyo: If you could (Looks toward the sand demon) would you free Kami from that monster's grasp.

Seiryuu: Hmm...I don't have the power to free him from such a creature, but I can repress it for the time being.

Kazeyo: Please do.

Seiryuu turns toward the One-tailed Beast and roars out in order to get its attention. The sand beast finishes killing a few shinobi and faces the azure serpent. Without a seconds hesitation Seiryuu breathes out the mystical blue flame that engulfs the demon. The One-tailed beast screams out in pain and falls to its knees. Slowly the beast loses its form and disperses into a large pile of sand with Kami lay on top of it. Suddenly, Seiryuu begins to lose his shape as well becoming random stands of blue energy.

Kazeyo: (Toward Seiryuu) What's happening?

Seiryuu: Your ancestral chakra acts as a medium for me to remain in this world. I have to consume that energy in order to fight and exist in this realm...when it runs out, I am forced to leave for the time being. Until next time, Kazeyo Fuyutama.

Seiryuu completely disappears and Kazeyo rushes over to Kami who is still laying in the sand.

Kazeyo: Kami! Are you alright?

Kami: (slowly stirring) Uh...I think so.

Voice: What a relief.

Kazeyo and Kami turn around to Warmarshal Ganza standing before them.

Ganza: Hello you two.

Kazeyo: Why have you lead this army here?

Ganza: Do you really need to ask that?

Kazeyo: …

Kami: …

Ganza: Fine, I really want the power of the Fuyutama bloodline so I came to get it.

Kami: You would sacrifice all these people just for that empty goal?

Ganza: First of all Koudokage, it's not an empty goal. And second, you two were the ones that decided to sacrifice those shinobi.

Hearing this Kami jumps up and attempts to land a powerful punch on the Warmarshal.
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Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
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Earth, Wind, and Darkness

Kami's powerful punch rockets toward Warmarshal Ganza. At the last second Ganza grabs Kami's arm and swings him into a tree. Kami rebounds off the tree and spin kicks at Ganza's head. At the same time Kazeyo uses Kaze no Tsurugi at Ganza's legs. To avoid the attack Ganza jump over Kazeyo's attack while simultaneously ducking under Kami's kick. Kazeyo's attack cuts down a nearby tree right before Ganza flip kicks both Kami and Kazeyo. Kazeyo is sent flipping up into the air while Kami is sent flying back away from Ganza. Ganza jumps into the air in order to attack a stunned Kazeyo. Kami regains his footing and raises his palm toward Ganza.

Kami: Dokugi!

Multiple spikes of stone shoot out of the ground around Kami and fly towards Ganza. As they pierce Ganza's body Kazeyo reveals that he is actually stunned and delivers a powerful kick into Ganza's stomach that sends him hurtling into the ground. Unfortunately, as the dust clears it is revealed that Ganza had replaced himself with a mass of logs. Kazeyo drops to the ground lightly as he and his cousin look around for Ganza's location. Kami activates his Byakugan in order to see through the many trees that surround them.

Kami: He's behind that tree (Points toward a tree)
Ganza: (Walking out from behind the tree) So you have the Byakugan, do you?

Kazeyo disappears from his location and appears behind Ganza draws his katana to slash him. Ganza jumps over sword slash and attempts to kick Kazeyo who ducks under the attack while spinning revealing that he has activated his Sharingan. Kazeyo completes a 360 degree spin and thrusts his left palm toward his opponent just before Ganza land from his jump.

Kazeyo: Fushou!

Ganza is thrown through the air toward Kami who is waiting with four pillars which strike the Warmarshal horizontally striking both his shoulders, his chest, and back seemingly smashing him. After a few moments Ganza pulls himself out of the rubble and dusts himself off.

Ganza: I suppose I can't go easy on you two.
Kami: We have yet to get serious.
Ganza: (Laughs) If you say so.
Kazeyo: Kami move!

Kazeyo raises his sword above his head and begins to collect wind chakra around himself. Instead heeding Kazeyo's request Kami jumps and grabs Ganza.

Kazeyo: Tentai no taifuu!

The giant gust of wind throws both Kami and Ganza back and knocks down a considerable number of trees.

Kazeyo: Why would you take that hit Kami?
Kami: I didn't.
Kazeyo spins around to see Kami standing to his right miraculously unharmed. Over in the wreckage the person Kazeyo believed to by Kami disperses into water on top of Ganza.

Kazeyo: Do you call yourself a shinobi too?
Kami: (Chuckles)
Ganza: Was that your best shot? But I suppose you actually hurt me this time.

Ganza tosses a broken log off of his body and once again dusts himself off.

Ganza: Mazoku Kousei

Ganza's wounds begin to heal as a dark aura of chakra surrounds him.

Kazeyo: You can see that right?
Kami: His chakra looks tainted.
Kazeyo: Indeed.
Ganza: Well, than you for waiting...I'm all better now.
Kazeyo: (Quietly) So you can use water?
Kami: (Whispering) Yeah, why?
Kazeyo: (Quietly) Could use use a long range water technique on him?
Kami: (Whispering) No problem.

Kami cups his right hand as water begins to swirl is his palm as Kazeyo focuses on his sword intently.

Kami: Suiton: Hahonryuu!
Kazeyo: Houden!

A jet of water is projected from Kami's hand and Kazeyo sticks his sword, which is now covered in a purple glow, into the stream creating an electrified water cannon. Ganza takes the full force of the collaboration technique and is sent through multiple trees. Unfortunately, for the two the Warmarshal once again stands back up as dark chakra heals his injuries, this time even resetting a broken arm. Ganza points both of his hands toward the Fuyutama.

Ganza: Mazoku Taihou!

An incredibly wide blast of energy emerges from the Warmarshal's hands and is propelled toward the two Fuyutama. Kami thrusts both of his hands on the ground while Kazeyo sheaths his katana and aims his palms toward the attack.

Kazeyo: Kaze no Kago!
Kami: Ishigaki!

A giant wall of stone appears in front of the two with a swirling wind in front of it. Even with the combined force of both of these defensive techniques Kami and Kazeyo are thrown back about 20ft from the Warmarshal's attack. As they pull themselves to their feet they begin to show their exhaustion.

Kazeyo: I didn't want to have to test this technique on scum like him, but I don't think I have any other choice.
Kami: What are talking about?
Kazeyo: How much time can you buy me?
Kami: Enough.

Kami draws his katana and slices his thumb upon the blade. He then runs his blood over symbols on the blade and they begin to glow bright orange. Kami's sword is then engulfed in a bright light and as the light fades it is revealed to be the naginata of a mist shinobi that he fought many days back. Kami jumps at Ganza, weapon in hand hoping to land a death blow while Kazeyo has begun to kneel and hold his right wrist with his left hand. Ganza stabs his right hand forward in a claw-like motion striking what is revealed to be a water clone of Kami in the chest. Without missing a beat the Warmarshal spins around and kicks Kami who was attempting to sneak up on him. To his surprise Kami had planted yet another water clone as a diversion and Ganza is forced to look around for the real Kami. Before the Warmarshal has time to react Kami bursts from underneath the ground below Ganza and takes off his left arm with the naginata. Ganza topples onto his back and tries to pull himself to his feet as Kami deals a powerful strike with the pole of the naginata into the Warmarshal's chest that sends him flying to a nearby rock. Ganza pulls himself to his feet, but he is forced to lean against the rock to maintain balance. Ganza walks a few steps from the rock toward Kami, but he is losing blood fast.

Ganza: I'll Kill You For Taking My Arm!

Ganza is about to jump toward Kami when he notices that Kazeyo has disappeared from his kneeling position and he feels a strange chakra near himself. At that moment the Warmarshal is pierced from behind in what would appear to be his heart by a concentrated orb of purple electricity.

Ganza: (Weakly) Is this Chidori?
Kazeyo: No, I found that technique to be insufficient...this is called Youshun.
Ganza: (Coughing) Why is that?
Kazeyo: Because a thousand birds still flee from hawks and falcons.
Ganza: (Weak laugh) I guess that makes sense, too bad you didn't aim for my heart.

Ganza kicks backwards knocking Kazeyo back, who flips and lands smoothly as he attempts to wipe the Warmarshal's blood off of his hand. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of chakra he had expended Kazeyo kneels unto the ground in exhaustion. Kami too was shows signs of fatigue by using the naginata to hold himself up. Both of the Fuyutama see the dark chakra swirling around Ganza once again. The two of them jump at the Warmarshal in order to kill the now disabled warrior themselves to attack, but Ganza deflects them with a mass of dark energy. While both of the Fuyutama are on their feet they don't appear to be able to do anything else.

Ganza: I will not be capturing one of you today so you can conserve your energy for the rest of the invasion force.
Voice: That wont be necessary.

Everyone looks in the direction of the voice to see Kaijin standing with a few other ANBU guards.

Kaijin: Do you think that Kyoukoku would rely on these two losers in order to protect it? The ANBU have already disposed of the rest of your invasion...you have failed Ganza.
Ganza: (Choking laugh) Do you really think that I care about this invasion or the lives the invaders?
Kami: Even if you did this to get to the Fuyutama Blood, don't you feel remorse for the death of your allies?
Ganza: Konoha isn't my ally.
Kazeyo: What do you mean?
Ganza: I have been using that village for years as a post to gain more power...and now I suppose I will not be returning there.
Kaijin: Not the most eloquent words for a dieing man.
Ganza: I'm not to die here, and I'll get my hands on your blood someday.
Kami: Try it.
Ganza: One more thing, the two of you would benefit from learning about the gifts you possess.
Kazeyo: What do you mean?
Ganza: Konoha's library has much information about doujutsu and the tailed beasts, you should look into it...We'll meet again Fuyutama.

Saying that the Warmarshal disappeared in a swirling cloud of black smoke. Nobody talks for a few moments.

Kaijin: Do you losers need a medic right away or can you make it back to the village?
Kazeyo: I think we're okay. (Walking slowly past Kami) Whose the kid?
Kami: (Using the naginata as a walking stick) My brother.
Kazeyo: Ah.
Kaijin: What is wrong with the both of your eyes?

Kami and Kazyeo shake their heads as they make their way back toward the village in hopes that a they will finally get a chance to rest in peace for the first time since they arrived in the ninja world.
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Onoda Talented Sage Master Takashi The balance master
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The end

Ready For Comments
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